B. Tech in Ceramic Technology Overview

B.Tech in Ceramic Technology degree is a 4-year professional course in engineering. The programme is catered to students by some select institutions pan India. Ceramic technology deals with the designing, study, properties, manufacturing, applications and uses of ceramic materials. The quadrennial course educates candidates in various methodologies and processes related to ceramics development and manufacturing. Ceramic technology is used for manufacturing different ceramic objects from various inorganic and non-metallic materials.

The professional undergraduate B.Tech in Ceramic Technology course is ideal for candidates looking for a perfect unification of art and technology. Compared to other technologies, ceramic technology is a relatively younger field, which is finding use in several industries, including construction and manufacturing.  Ceramic materials are formed by either an intense application of heat or keeping the construction materials at lower temperatures and applying precipitation reactions with high-purity chemical solutions. Ceramic engineering deals with the study of the composition, properties and structure of ceramics.

The specialised properties of ceramic materials make them useful for a number of applications in chemical engineering, electrical engineering, materials engineering and mechanical engineering. After completing the Bachelor of Technology in Ceramic Technology course, candidates can either work or go for higher studies in the field.

B. Tech in Ceramic Technology Skill Required

Aspirants interested in pursuing the B.Tech in Ceramic Technology degree are ought to have a good understanding of various fundamental mathematical and scientific concepts. A comprehensive knowledge of various chemical processes and chemicals is requisite for the undergraduate course. Additionally, aspirants are required to be aware of the latest, trending technologies. Vital skills required for completing a B.Tech in Ceramic Technology degree successfully are enlisted as follows:

Analytical ability

Comprehensive knowledge of various scientific and mathematical concepts


Good understanding of different chemicals and chemical processes

Knowledge of latest technologies

Problem decomposition

Team and time management

B.Tech in Ceramic Technology Job Prospects

B.Tech in Ceramic Technology course allows candidates to explore a wide number of career domains. With the increasing adoption rate of ceramic technology, the number of job opportunities had increased remarkably. Within the ceramics industry, candidates can assume a number of roles, such as ceramics designer, ceramics engineers, ceramics technologists and ceramics supervisors.

Ceramics engineers can also explore other engineering industries like chemicals, materials and electrical domains. In addition to providing their technical skills, ceramics engineers are equipped with apt managerial abilities to take on different management roles successfully. Some of the top-notch career opportunities available for B. Tech in Ceramic Technology graduates are summed up as follows:

Ceramic Engineer

The job profile of a ceramic engineer is an ideal career for graduates with a degree in B. Tech in Ceramic Technology. In addition to devising new ceramic products, they also develop new and effective techniques for making ceramic materials. Ceramic engineers deal with a wide variety of products ranging from electronic components to jet engines. Several top ceramic engineers are invited by prestigious universities and educational institutions to deliver lectures to a global student group.

Ceramic Designer

Ceramic designers, also known as ceramicists, are experts involved in the designing and creation of products, ranging from pottery items to sculpture, from different ceramic materials. The job profile requires candidates to have a creative insight into decoration and painting. Usually, manufacturers dealing with the production of ceramic products employ ceramic designers. However, ceramic designers can also go freelance for providing their services.

Production Manager

Another rewarding career opportunity for B. Tech in Ceramic Technology graduates is that of a production manager. Production managers deal with the planning, control and management of manufacturing processes. These professional ensure that goods and services produced by an organisation or client are efficient in their performance and qualify all customer requirements and needs. The responsibility of production managers depends on the production system employed by the organisation or client. They are also responsible for preparing a cost-estimation model for the client regarding specific products and services.

Research Engineer

Candidates with a degree in B. Tech in Ceramic Technology are apt to provide their skills as a research engineer. The responsibilities of a research engineer include the development and evaluation of different approaches for making various organisational processes faster and efficient. Research engineers are responsible for evaluating new ideas regarding products and technologies employed by the employer organisation.

Other Career Options

Candidates with a Bachelor of Technology in Ceramic Technology degree can provide their services in the industry as assistant managers, ceramic technicians, construction managers, interior designers, exterior designers, marketing executives, sales executives, consultants and ceramic technologists. 

Masters in College of Engineering, Pune

By Anonymous , 4 days, 12 hours ago
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Masters at College of Engineering, Pune (COEP) has been a great learning experience. These 2 years of post-graduation taught me many different things, curriculum as well as non-curriculum wise. After clearing the prestigious and most dreadful exam of GATE, I had sufficient marks to finally land myself in COEP. It's the TOP ranking institute in Maharashtra in comparisons with great colleges like IIT and VJTI. Frankly speaking, I hadn't heard of COEP at the start due to lack of awareness. In the first year of my Masters, I was given a fixed curriculum where lectures used to happen. In the second year, we had assigned a guide who helped us to carry our thesis. apart from that, we were assigned a LAB where we used to conduct practical and also check assignment apart from our won assignment given by our guides. Apart from this fixed curriculum, the best thing about COEp is the number of CLUBS, events, and sports activities. I was a part of BOAT club where I developed my personal skills. I Even participated in an event called Regatta which his a display of boats. These 2 years of masters had been a mix of technological as well as a non-technical development of my skills.

College Review

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If you are planning to take admission in this college then please be sure that you are here only for studies because if you think for bunking the lectures then the security guards are so strict here that you will either sent to principal office or else sent to your ongoing lecture. So please if you are compatible with these criteria then only think to take admission in this College.

My experience has been great

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It's been just 3-4 months here and I love everything, everything's been great. I love the crowd here, the facilities, everything is great and one really gets to learn so much here. The professors are so supportive and it's really great to learn not only about the subject but also about life.

B. Tech in Ceramic Technology Eligibility Criteria

Candidates who want to apply for B. Tech in Ceramic Technology need to have successfully completed class 12th or higher secondary certificate, examination in non-medical stream. Those seeking admission in IITs and NITs need to qualify the Joint Entrance Examination. Aspirants with a 3-year diploma in ceramics, ceramic engineering and ceramic technology can also apply for lateral entry admission (admission to the second year of the course) to the course. Full eligibility criteria required for Bachelor of Technology in Ceramic Technology is summed up as follows:

Completed Class 12th (Higher Secondary Certificate) examination from a recognised state education board with at least 60% marks or an equivalent CGPA in PCM (Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics)


Completed a 3-year diploma in ceramics/ceramic engineering/ceramic technology from a recognised institution with a minimum of 60% marks in aggregate or an equivalent CGPA

Appeared in the JEE (Joint Entrance Examination)

Qualified the Joint Entrance Examination (JEE) [Required by IITs, NITs, and some select institutes]

B.Tech in Ceramic Technology Specialization

Ceramic technology is related to the design, production and application of ceramic materials. The B. Tech in Ceramic Technology degree educates candidates in various methodologies and strategies related to the production and application of ceramic materials. Ceramic technology is becoming increasingly popular due to various applications in many areas, ranging from aviation to medicine.

Bachelor of Technology in Ceramic Technology graduates are apt to deal with the complex engineering problems related to the development and management of ceramics materials. During the 4-year Bachelor of Technology in Ceramic Technology course, candidates learn how to deal with the various properties and aspects of ceramic materials and processes involved in their inception.

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