What is B. Tech in Chemical and Electrochemical Engineering?

B. Tech in Chemical and Electrochemical Engineering is a four-year professional programme. The Bachelor of Technology course has multiple specialisations out of which one is the domain of Chemical and Electrochemical Engineering. The undergraduate course focuses on providing the knowledge of basic engineering concepts as well as the specialised knowledge in the area of chemical engineering and the electrochemical phenomena and their technological applications. In most institutions, this course is covered in eight semesters, with two semesters being a part of each course year.

The course fee may vary from one institution to another. It may depend on the reputation of the institute and the quality and reputation of the offered programme. Still, the average fee may range between a few thousand rupees and INR 5 lakhs. B. Tech in Chemical and Electrochemical Engineering programme is usually available on a full-time study basis in most of the institutions or universities. The course not only offers the theoretical knowledge of the concepts of Chemical and Electrochemical Engineering, but it also trains students through practical and group research exposure.

B. Tech in Chemical and Electrochemical Engineering Skills Required

Students who are interested in pursuing B. Tech in Chemical and Electrochemical Engineering programme should possess certain essential skills apart from having an interest in engineering. Some of these important skills are listed below:

  •  Good knowledge of Mathematics and Physics
  •  Analytical ability
  •  A focused and innovative mind
  •  Rational thinking and problem-solving skills
  •  Good knowledge of computer operations
  •  Planning and design skills

B. Tech in Chemical and Electrochemical Engineering Course Availability

The course in Chemical and Electrochemical Engineering is not the same as a specialised course only in chemical engineering. While the chemical engineering programme is available in hundreds of institutions and universities across India, B. Tech in Chemical and Electrochemical Engineering course is on offer in just a few private and public institutions. The following are some of the best places from where you can pursue this undergraduate programme:


At CFTI level my college is best

By Dewesh Kumar (Class of 2020) , 8 months, 2 weeks ago
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At CFTI level this is one of the best college(within top 4).This is also better than some NIT and IIIT. This college have many technical and sports team which have participated in national and international level event and always rocks. And now a days my college level is exponentially increasing.

The place where you and only you are responsible

By Shanur Rahman (Class of 2020) , 8 months, 2 weeks ago
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Infrastructure is quite good...the roads are like skating arenas. We actually skate on roads of our campus. But there is a lack of a strict higher authority which can take all those decisions strictly and implement by them. Talking about the placement, up till now(at the beginning of placement session). 12 students are placed from CSE and many other from mechanical and all. Placement is on an average. Last year 53 companies were listed as recruiters including hp, amazon, nestle india, GE india, TCS, some software companies are there also.

About the campus environment and facilities

By Shikha Guleria (Class of 2019) , 8 months, 3 weeks ago
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Being born and brought up in campus of SLIET, I enjoyed everything. Being a daughter of campus and being a student both are completely different experiences. I won't say everything is amazing in my college but once you are into the tagline of being a SLIETIAN, you will not regret for rest of your life. CAMPUS is situated in a rural area but the facilities and infrastructure and environment over here i can assure you, you will not get it anywhere else. SCHOLARSHIP programmes, SPORTS facilities, TECHNO-CULTURE programmes everything is here from time to time. Coming to TEACHING staff, every teacher is dedicated and do their best to produce quality students. what's more... infrastructure is good, in campus canteen, shopping complex, restaurant, Wi-Fi facilities, hostel facilities.

B. Tech in Chemical and Electrochemical Engineering Eligibility Criteria

The candidates seeking admission in B. Tech in Chemical and Electrochemical Engineering course should fulfil some basic eligibility criteria that are set by the offering institutions in the country. While these institutes or universities may have additional conditions to admit Indian and foreign candidates, the below-mentioned criteria are applicable in every institution.

  •  The candidate must have cleared the 10+2 exam or an equivalent exam from a recognised board.
  •  The candidate must have studied the subjects of Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics (PCM) mandatorily in Class 12th. The subjects may be limited to Physics and Maths only in a few institutions.
  •  The candidate should have secured a minimum of 50% marks in aggregate in PCM subjects in the Class 12th exam. However, this criterion may vary in each institution or university and for varied candidate categories.
  •  A candidate must appear for the entrance exam that a specific institution accepts for giving admission to the candidates in its B. Tech in Chemical and Electrochemical Engineering course. Please note that most institutions accept the scores or ranks of the Joint Entrance Examination or JEE Main/ Advanced for admitting candidates. However, some institutions may go for their own university exams conducted at the state level. For instance, the above-mentioned institutions in Tamil Nadu accept the scores obtained by a candidate in the Tamil Nadu Engineering Admissions (TNEA) exam. Still, these institutions also recognise the JEE Main scores.

The candidate must check every single eligibility criterion set by a specific institute in which they want to apply so they can meet all the conditions and appear for the right exam.

B. Tech in Chemical and Electrochemical Engineering Specialization

B. Tech in Chemical and Electrochemical Engineering programme is a specialisation under the Bachelor of Technology course. It offers no further specialisations under it. On the other hand, the course sets a strong foundation for students with regard to various aspects of Chemical and Electrochemical Engineering. Those pursuing this course learn about developing models for electrochemical systems in a systematic manner.

Students also gain an understanding of electrochemistry, engineering physics, engineering chemistry, engineering graphics, electrochemical reaction engineering, electrometallurgy, and computer programming under B. Tech in Chemical and Electrochemical Engineering course. The course further trains them in the areas of chemical process optimisation, total quality management, fluid mechanics, heat transfer and its applications, organic electrochemistry, equipment design, electrochemical materials science, and metal finishing.

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