B.Tech in Footwear Technology Syllabus

The curriculum for B.Tech Footwear Technology covers the following topics. These are some specialised topics specific to the course and are helpful for students to gain complete knowledge about the footwear technology and its aspects.

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Topics covered

Probability and Random Processes

l  Random Variables


l  Two-Dimensional Random Variables

l  Random Processes


l  Correlation and Spectral Densities


l  Linear Systems with Random Inputs

Basic Biochemistry and Microbiology

l  Nucleic Acid


l  Protein


l  Carbohydrates


l  Lipids


l  Microbes Structure and Multiplication


l  Microbial Nutrition and Growth

Leather Machineries

l  General Principles and Mechanism of Leather Machinery


l  Design, Material, Selection and Construction of Equipment


l  Mechanical Features of Leather Machinery Tannery Layout


l  Preventive Maintenance and Safety


Leather Footwear Technology

l  Footwear Materials and Components


l  Design and Pattern Development


l  Prelasting And Lasting


l  Cutting, Pre-Closing and Closing


l  Methods of shoe construction

Process Economics and Industrial Management for Leather Sector

l  Principles of Production Management and Organization


l  Engineering Economics for Technologists-Interest, Investment


l  Cost and Cost Estimation


l  Profitability, Investment Alternative and Replacement


l  Annual Reports and Analysis Performance


l  Economics Balance and Quality Control

Polymer Science

l  Introduction to Natural and Synthetic

l  Polymers


l  Polypropylene Manufacturing

l  Compounding of Polymers - Fillers, Plasticisers, Antioxidants, UV Stabilizers


l  Recycling, Remodelling, Depolymerisation, Incineration, Biodegradable Polymers


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