Tips to Prepare for MAT

  • The strategy remains the same as one would adopt for CAT except that MAT is not as tough to crack. Start with clearing your fundamentals. School textbooks are the best bet when it comes to the study material.

    After having mastered the basics, move on to other study materials which give you ample practice questions.

    Work on your grammar, vocabulary, reading speed to get cracking in the Language Comprehension section.

    The Indian and Global Environment section should not be ignored.

    Keep yourself abreast of all current affairs and important events.

    Practice is the keyword here. Get hold of as many sample/ mock MATs as possible. Do not randomly take these tests. Take them under MAT simulated conditions, analyse your performance later and identify your weak points. Work on them. Take the next mock MAT.

    Repeat the procedure till your accuracy level reaches its peak. 

    MAT Preparation Tips

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