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XAT Mock Test - XAT or Xavier Aptitude Test is a national level entrance exam which is organized by XAMI (Xavier Association of Management Institutes). This MBA entrance exam is conducted for admission to various management courses offered by XLRI and other XAMI member associated management institutes. XAT 2018 is scheduled to be held on 7th January, 2018. This year, one of the major changes brought to XAT by XLRI is the change in mode of examination. XAT 2018 will be an online test, where the candidates will have to mark their answers using the allotted computer system. For XAT preparation, the best sources are XAT mock test series, XAT sample papers and other practice tests. The candidates willing to take the test this year must collect appropriate XAT 2018 study material and books of exam preparation. While preparing for XAT, they must keep completing the syllabus and also taking XAT mock test papers 2018, in order to keep a track of their preparations.

Online XAT 2018 mock test papers will help the candidates identify their weak and strong sections. The candidates must invest their time in analyzing the XAT mock tests 2018 to understand how well prepared they are and how much more efforts are needed to be put in from their side. XAT score 2018 will be accepted by more than 150 management colleges all over the country and therefore it is important to score a good percentile in the exam.

What is XAT Mock Test?

Among the most frequently asked questions by the students who are planning to crack this MBA entrance examination is “what exactly is XAT Mock Test?” Well, XAT 2018 mock test is almost similar to taking an exam in real. These are a series of online mock test XAT papers which give you the real feel of taking the actual exam. You are required to follow the time limit while solving XAT mock tests and apply your XAT exam taking strategies so that you perform well. On the basis of your performance in XAT mock tests, you actually come to know about your XAT preparation level. Mock tests for XAT 2018 are the best way to understand exam pattern, syllabus, difficulty level of the exam etc.

XAT mock test series are generally prepared by experts and professional tutors who have years of experience and they know exactly how to design mock tests. The mock tests of XAT are available online on various XAT mock test websites. The exam takers can easily subscribe to these XAT online test papers and start practising. And this way, they can easily get a clear image of the exam they will be appearing for. Taking XAT mock tests on regular basis will not only help you with understanding XAT exam pattern but will boost up your confidence level as well which his very important. This reality check also highlights your strengths and weaknesses. Hence, you can work on them accordingly. 

Why to take XAT Mock Test Series?

XAT mock paper series are the best way of self – evaluation so that you can analyse your XAT preparation. XAT mock tests give you a real time exam like conditions. This way, you will be conditioning yourself accordingly so that you can remain stress free and perform best when you sit for XAT 2018 exam in real. The best advantage of taking XAT mock tests it helps you build time management skills. Time management is a key factor of your XAT preparation strategy which is very important. We at HTCampus also provide you series of XAT mock tests 2018. These mock tests are free of cost and will give you in depth analysis so that you can come to know about weaknesses and strengths. This way you can plan your XAT preparation.

Where to get XAT Mock Tests?

The best place to get XAT 2018 mock test papers is internet. You will find several XAT mock test websites and blogs which will provide you these test series. Many of them are experts and MBA coaching professionals who have started their coaching portals online to help MBA aspirants. These expert tutors do extensive research for preparing XAT mock test and they cover all the section and complete syllabus of XAT 2018.

Htcampus offers Best XAT Mock Test

As discussed above, that you can get XAT mock test online from several websites. These websites provide free XAT mock test. We at Htcampus are also you the best XAT Mock test for online preparation of your exam. XAT mock test which we offer are designed and prepared by our team of highly professional experts. With our XAT mock test series, you can enhance your performance and can prepare for XAT in far better way. If you are planning for XAT and are looking for free XAT mock tests, then Htcampus is here to help you out.

Why to take Htcampus XAT Mock Test?

  • Htcampus offers you free XAT mock test.
  • You will get all updated and latest XAT 2018 exam papers and XAT mock tests according to the accepted test pattern.
  • You will get the real experience of taking XAT 2018 test in examination by solving our XAT mock tests.
  • XAT mock tests offered by Htcampus will help you in preparation of XAT 2018 as these mock tests are given in both sectional and whole exam pattern.
  • XAT mock tests at Htcampus come with solutions. You will also get detailed graphical analysis.

How can you access XAT Mock Test Series at Htcampus?

In order to access XAT mock tests available at Htcampus, you just need to follow a simple process which is mentioned below:

  • At first, you have to click on the link which has been given on this page above.
  • After this, you have to select XAT mock test.
  • Once you make your selection, you need click ‘Start the Test’ option to proceed ahead.
  • There will be a registration form which you are required to fill. You can also register using your Google Plus or Facebook IDs.
  • Once you are logged in successfully, you can take XAT mock test easily.

XAT Sample Papers

One of the best strategies to prepare for XAT 2018 is to practice XAT sample papers regularly. This time, XAT 2018 exam is going to be conducted as an online exam, thus with the help of XAT sample paper, you can know about XAT exam format and exam pattern of the exam. Hence, it will become easier for you to strategize your XAT 2018 preparation plan.

XAT sample papers have questions from every section. It is highly recommended to practice and solve sample papers of XAT  on regular basis along with taking the XAT mock test papers so that you can have better chances of cracking exam.  

Let us understand XAT 2018 exam pattern

The XAT 2018 question paper will have two parts, i.e. paper 1 and paper 2. The details of these papers have been mentioned below. Duration of XAT 2018 exam will be 3.5 hours.

Paper 1 – XAT 2018                                    


No. of Questions

Total Marks

Time Limit

Negative Marking

Decision Making







170 Minutes

For a wrong answer 0.25

And for if more than 12 questions are left unattempted then 0.005 marks will be deducted.

Verbal and Logical Ability



Quantitative Ability and Data Interpretation






Paper 2 – XAT 2018

General Knowledge



35 Minutes

No Negative Marking

Essay Writing

1 Essay



So, from the above table showing XAT 2018 exam pattern, we can see that XAT is a both subjective and objective type question.

XAT Study Material

Your preparation for the exam will be positively impacted by XAT study material and mock test. XAT 2018 study material mainly includes some of the best books for XAT preparation which are listed below:

  • Verbal Ability and Reading Comprehension written by Arun Sharma
  • General Knowledge by Manohar Panday
  • Data Interpretation by Arun Sharma
  • Jabbing the XAT consisting of solved papers written by RK Jha
  • XAT XLRI – MBA Entrance Exam A/4 by Chandresh Agrawal
  • Target XAT Simplified by Disha Experts
  • Concepts of Number for XAT and other Quantitative Exams by Gajendra Kumar
  • XAT Entrance Test for MBA written by Gautam Puri
  • Target New XAT – Past Papers and Five Mock Papers
  • XAT Xavier Aptitude Test solved sample papers by Gautam Puri
  • The Accredited Guide to Problem Solving and Data Sufficiency by Ananta Anisha
  • Quantitative Aptitude for CAT by Arun Sharma
  • Modern Approach to Verbal and Non Verbal Reasoning by Dr RS Agrawal

All previous years’ XAT exam papers will also be of great help for the aspirants and are considered as the best question bank for XAT preparation. With the help of XAT previous years’ question papers, candidates can come to know about the difficulty level of exam and prepare accordingly.

How to take XAT Mock Tests?

It is better to start with the easier questions at first. You can return to difficult questions after finishing the easier ones. This will enhance your confidence level throughout XAT test. While you are practising mock tests for XAT preparation, you should always focus on your accuracy without compromising with your speed. Avoid any sort of random guessing as you will end up with negative marking, which no one wants. Avoid mental block if you aren’t able to solve harder questions. Spending time on them isn’t a good preparation strategy. Focus on the questions which you can solve. You can always return to harder questions if you have got some time in your hands. 

Best Approach to crack XAT 2018

Once XAT preparation is planned in a strategic manner on regular basis as per sections, it becomes easy to crack the exam. The main aim of the exam takers is to build the basics strong in every section.  XAT is almost similar to CAT exam. CAT exam has AQ, VA, LR and DI section while XAT has Decision Making and General Awareness section along with the other sections. And here you need to concentrate on the section of decision making as this section has a great importance. XAT preparation for this section can be started with quantitative ability to decision making.

XAT online mock test is going to help a lot here. And instead of practising from some book, it is always good to solve XAT questions from previous years question and XAT sample papers. As the best way to approach to crack XAT 2018 is to solve and practice as many mock tests and sample papers as you can regularly.  People having good grab over reasoning, will have a lot of advantage.

Read the following points which can help you a lot in cracking XAT 2018 exam.

a. Strengths and weaknesses analysis: It’s always good to analyse your strong and weak areas so that you can understand how to make XAT preparation plan. You should start your preparation by focusing on the areas where you are weak and turn them your strong areas. And for this, you can always start by solving examples given the XAT practice books. You can move to XAT sample papers and previous years’ XAT exam papers after. Also keep monitoring your preparation analysis.

b. Preparation of fundamentals: You should revise all the basic fundamental concepts few days prior to the exam. Revising the fundamentals is a significant part of XAT preparation strategy to score good grades. This will also enhance your confidence level.

c. Focus on target and time: While you are preparing for XAT 2018, always make sure that you prepare with the time vs. target concept. This means you have to prepare any particular topic within the specified time limit. You have to follow the time limit in every section so that you can be accurate with speed.

d. Practise of Shortcuts: This is an important strategy. In case of question based on mathematical calculations and logical reasoning, short cut tricks are very helpful. Though, this exam is based on fundamental concepts, but still you need to be familiar with the shortcuts so that you can answer questions correctly and quickly.

e. Preparation according to section: Sometimes students focus more on a single particular section which affects the preparation of other sections. Keep in mind that every individual section is equally important. Every section has to be given equal time and efforts.

f. Polish skills of verbal ability and general awareness: You need to build your vocabulary by reading newspapers, books and magazines. Focus on the grammar usage. Engage yourself in group discussion. Reading newspaper and magazines everyday will not only enhance your vocab and English, but also will keep you updated.

g. Strengthen mathematical skills: Among the most important things to do is polishing up and increasing the strength of your mathematical skills. Practising problems on regular basis will clear all the basic concepts. Once you get familiar with the fundamentals, start working on shortcuts.

h. Focus on decision making skills: Quick thinking and great practice over this section will help you take decision wisely. This is a new section you need extra effort in here. Pick up previous years’ XAT papers and try solving this section from them.

i. Keep practising question papers: Regular practise of XAT sample papers and XAT question is the key strategy to crack XAT 2018. XAT exam is somewhat similar to CAT hence you can try solving CAT question bank as well.

j. Time management:  A very crucial thing to take care while preparing for XAT is time management. Time management plays an important role as there is time limit in every section which you need to follow. Hence time management skill should be developed since very initial days of XAT preparation.

k. Pay attention on every question: Avoid being overconfident as it will only create problem. Hence, you should read every question attentively avoid misinterpretation the meaning. There will be question which are only to confuse you and you need to play smart.

Keep visiting this page for more updates on XAT 2018 mock tests. In case of any query or doubt regarding XAT mock test series, comment below.