Film Editor

Film Editor

A film editor does the second writing for a film and stitches together a story for it. He is responsible for presenting the director’s vision of a movie. Certain flaws in the film’s script can be corrected at this stage.

Job Aspects : Creative, Fast Paced, Glamour, People Skills, Physical Labour

Job Pressure High

Academic Pressure High

  • Early Salary

    2 - 3 L

  • Mid Level Salary

    5 - 6 L

  • Senior Salary

    12 - 14 L

What do they do?

An editor has to maintain the flow and correct length of a film and ensure that it achieves a sense of pace. Being a good editor can be a great asset if one wants to be a director. Film-making is a business of not just entertaining the audience, but also keeping them engrossed. A film editor plays a major role in ensuring that the audience is kept engaged. He/she has to generate impact from the footage given by the director who always is the best judge of an editor’s work. A film editor in charge of the post-production work of a movie. If you are working on more than one project at a time, you have to be extremely creative as you may have to deal with different genres such as romance, action and comedy in one go.

Skills and Education needed

Skills Needed

    • You should be willing to work hard and for long hours
    • Film editing requires a lot of patience
    • It is an extremely creative process based on individual as well as collective opinions
    • You have to re-work a lot on your editing so you need to have the perseverance to deal with it and ensure a great result

How do I get there?

A film editor should have basic knowledge of the software. What you learn at a training institute may be different from what you actually do as a film editor. You have to be a little “film literate,” your basics have to be strong and you should be able to pick up editing skills easily. A long or short-term course in film editing may be useful.

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