Career as Food & Bar Manager

Early Salary

2 - 3 L

Mid Salary

5 - 6 L

Senior Salary

Above 25 L

Academic Pressure


Job Pressure


	Food & Bar Manager

A food and bar manager heads all restaurants and banquet operations in a hotel. S/he is responsible for all aspects of catering inside and outside a hotel. S/he must take care of menu planning, staffing and service quality assurance. The F&B manager and executive chef together ensure profitability of operations. 

What do they do?

The F&B manager compiles menus, arranges and caters for functions and exercises overall control over a food service unit. She/he is responsible for: quality control, attractive food displays, palatability and nutritional value, effective use of equipment, hygiene and safety, stock control, compilation and adhering to budget procedures, identification and solving of problems in a food service unit, evaluation of subordinate staff, liaison with different divisions of the organisation and industry.

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Skills Needed

  • You must have good management and team skills. You could be managing older, more experienced or less literate people than you
  • High level of people skills
  • Ability to handle the stress and still remain cheerful
  • Should be able to work long hours
  • Awareness of the monetary aspects of each decision
  • Foster great relationships

How do I get there?

After completing Class 12, you will have to earn a recognised bachelor’s degree in hotel management from a recognised university/ institute and then join a training programme with a leading hotel or a restrobar. 

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