Career as Foreign Trade Expert

Early Salary

4 - 5 L

Mid Salary

8 - 10 L

Senior Salary

14 - 18 L

Academic Pressure


Job Pressure


International trade experts need to be aware of the global trade environment, factors affecting it and relevant regulations. They need to stay updated on the latest market dynamics, policies and practice.

What do they do?

A foreign trade expert’s job is not limited to any specific segment such as marketing, shipping and packaging, or functions-related to export management, pricing, sourcing, costing, export market research, distribution, freight marketing, export finance, documentation, and foreign exchange. It is a combination of all of the above and more. With the opening up of the market, global trade barriers have been knocked down. A truly global marketplace has become a reality in both the physical and virtual realm.

Skills Needed

  • Awareness of practical issues, quantitative techniques
  • Good domain knowledge
  • Knowledge of trade policy issues

How do I get there?

There are several long-term and short-term courses offered by many institutions in India. Postgraduate courses in international business and supply chain management offered by top management institutes, too, are good for candidates looking for a career in foreign trade.

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