Career as Game Developer

Early Salary

2 - 3 L

Mid Salary

4 - 5 L

Senior Salary

7 - 8 L

Academic Pressure


Job Pressure


A game developer or programmer creates art and writes source codes for games that are played on computers, mobile phones or gaming consoles. S/he is responsible for all aspects of game development where visual art is required and enforces the rules of the gaming world. While a team of designers, producers, artists and developers may be involved in process of designing the game (story/rules/visual style).

It’s the artists and developers who implement all the minute components of a game. With explosive growth in the smart phone market — at a rate faster than that of the PC market — and the social media sites pulling more players in, the demand for game developers has increased. What counts is not just the experience, it’s about what you’ve accomplished and the expertise you’ve gained. Some companies even share profits with employees who make the product shine.

What do they do?

If you are obsessed gamer then here is the chance to pursue it as your career as well. As a Game Developer you will be responsible for developing designs for games. The games can be for mobile, computers or playstations. Developing a game is no different than making film. Just like movies, you will have to generate a script and storyboards for the game you have in mind.

Not only that you will also have to create the visual using 2D or 3D modeling and animation software. Your responsibility will not only be limited to developing a game but you will also be involved in post production glitches like testing and solving complex technical problems. 

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Skills Needed

  • An artistic bent of mind
  • Penchant for working very hard. You might end up spending 14 hours a day in front of the computer screen
  • Ability to unlearn and relearn to keep up with fast-evolving technology
  • A strong sense of logic and the ability to do research

How do I get there?

You should study visual communication in fine arts at the bachelor’s or master’s level. You could also get training from a technical institute that offers courses in animation and gaming. To become a game programmer, a degree in computer science with knowledge of C, C++ and Visual Basic can help. You may enroll in a programming school (NIIT, Aptech, M/BSc, M/BCA etc). Joining an open source programming project online gives you a chance to enhance and showcase your skills. Community sites like CodePlex, BitBucket, GitHub and SourceForge are a few examples.

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Typical day in the life of a Game Developer

  • 9.30am: Meeting with art director
  • 10am: Writing source code for the features
  • 1.30pm: Lunch
  • 2.30pm: Resume coding
  • 6.30pm: Commit code into version control
  • 8.30pm: Call it a day

Pros & Cons about this career

A highly lucrative field You can follow your hobby to make your career The industry is in its infancy but this is the right time to enter it

Long working hours You may have to struggle in your initial years

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