What is Diploma Course in Hotel Management?

Diploma in Hotel Management course is one of the most lucrative programmes offered to candidates clearing SSC (Class 10th) or equivalent examination and having the urge to work in the rapidly growing business in the world. The hotel industry is one of the fastest growing industries in the world. To cope up with its need to have proficient managers that can streamline various hotel tasks and provide guests with the best hosting services, various diploma courses in hotel management are being offered to the interested candidates. These courses provide management theory, basics of hospitality and organisation all in a single study package. Institutions ranging from government-aided to self-funding and fully private provide diploma courses in hotel management with different specialisations.

The duration of the specialised diploma courses in hotel management might vary from institution to institution. The entire course lasts for about 2 to 3 academic years, each divided into two semesters. Post completing a specialised Diploma in Hotel Management course, candidates can decide to either go up for an undergraduate course in some specific field of hotel and hospitality management or initiate their career in the rewarding field of hotel management. As hotel industry has become one of the most competitive markets in the world, employing quality representatives has become necessary for hoteliers.

Diploma in Hotel Management course is devised to give out all the essential technical knowledge and hands-on experience to candidates for building a better understanding of the hospitality and management. It is one of the best non-technical courses to enjoy a rewarding career. Hotel management is itself made up of several departments like front office, food & beverage service and sales & marketing. Hence, an aspirant has several choices after completing a diploma in hotel management.

Skill Sets Required for Diploma Course in Hotel Management

Candidates eyeing for a specialised Diploma in Hotel Management course are required to be exceptionally well at planning events and managing resources. Having a knack for learning different pleasantries and cuisines belonging to distinct traditions and cultures is also a must-have quality for candidates studying hotel management. Even though most of the skills required for a diploma course in hotel management can also be incepted during the course of study, having some of these beforehand might prove advantageous during the course.

Various skills required for pursuing a Diploma in Hotel Management course are slated as follows:

  • Cooking & Catering
  • Cuisine Knowledge
  • Effective Communication Ability
  • Event Handling
  • Managerial Ability
  • Process Planning
  • Resource Management
  • Team Management
  • Time Management

Diploma in Hotel Management Job Prospectus

Bakery & Confectionery

Candidates with a Diploma in Hotel Management course with specialisation in Bakery & Confectionery can go for various roles, ranging from Bakers and Confectioners to Bakery & Confectionery Manager. Some top-notch hotels employ their own bakeries and/or confectioneries to serve clients with in-house delicacies. A manager employed at the bakery or Confectionery of a hotel needs to take care of everything, ranging from keeping a regular check on the equipment required for baking or making food items to controlling the processes employed. Bakers and confectioners at the bakery or Confectionery need to come up with their own delicacies that can help define the standard of the hotel amongst the hotel market.

Food & Beverage

The Food & Beverage Manager oversees all the processes at the Food & Beverage department. With their intensive knowledge about various cuisines and traditional foods, they help decided and plan all the food items and drinks available at the hotel. Maintaining the quality of all these foods and drinks are also their responsibility. In addition to enjoying decent salaries, they have the opportunity to know some of the greatest and rare foods in the world.

Food Production 

Food Production Managers and Executives are responsible for overseeing the entire department and its various processes. They need to decide the type of cuisines that will be available at the hotel and the various dishes that are to be offered to clients. Food Production officials also ensure that there is no compromise made with either the quality or the taste of the food.

Front Office Operation

After successfully completing a specialised diploma course in front office operation, candidates can go for the jobs of a Front Office Executive, Front Office Manager, Front Office Representative, etc. At the Front Office, employees need to cooperate with the client and be capable of handling difficult situations. They should know how to decline a client asking for a room accommodation when you are running full for the evening.

Housekeeping Operation

After successfully completing a Diploma in Hotel Management course with specialisation in housekeeping operation, candidates can choose to work as Housekeeping Manager, Housekeeping Executive, Housekeeping Co-ordinator and so on. Housekeeping requires candidates to know about resource management and interpersonal skills for completing various housekeeping tasks in time. 

A good college with mind blowing knowledge

By Steve Gomes (Class of 2011) , 7 months, 1 week ago
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i came to this college for my training from costa. During this training, I have learnt a lot of good things from the chefs of the college. The chefs will mould you and make you prepared for the job which you will be going for. In these nine days of training have made a lot of new friends and looking ahead for the future work which I will be going for. You can have accessibility of all different kitchen equipments.

P&O UK training induction hot kichen

By Abhishek Naik (Class of 2016) , 8 months ago
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Myself Abhishek Naik selected for p&o uk cruises for commis position, Completed my p&o uk training from brand CAI which was of 6 weeks (36 days), It was a good experience with chefs and the staff overall. Good experience with the staff and that's it.

I would not recommend this college

By Anonymous , 8 months, 1 week ago
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The faculty needs to be better. Students are not very supportive. The placements are not that great. The salary packages are low. I would not recommend this college.

Diploma in Hotel Management Eligibility Criteria

A specialised Diploma course in Hotel Management has the basic requirement of having the candidate clearing SSC examination. All eligibility requirements that candidates need to fulfil for undertaking the course is slated in the following list:

  • Completed Class 10th from a recognised state education board or an equivalent course from a recognised institution with at least 50% marks (45% for non-General candidates) in aggregate.
  • Studied English as a compulsory subject during Class 10th or any other equivalent course.
  • Produce an equivalent certificate issued by the associated institution and duly attested and signed by the principal or head of that institution citing the candidate successfully undergoing the equivalent course of study.

Some institutions might also ask candidates to go through an entrance examination and might impose age limitations. The latter one is rare though.

Diploma in Hotel Management Specialization

Bakery & Confectionery

Diploma in Bakery & Confectionery acquaintances candidates with all the basics of various processes and products produced at bakery and confectionery. In addition to the theoretical knowledge, candidates get exceptional hands-on experience and opportunity to look how things actually go behind the scenes in a bakery and/or confectionery. Over the duration of the course, candidates learn how to come up with delicacies for serving hotel customers looking to fill themselves with bakery and confectionery products. The course digs deep into understanding the essence of all the ingredients used at these places and how to start experimenting with those and coming up with something innovative that perfectly sparks a tingling in the taste buds of clients. Students are also trained in providing the maximum level of hospitality while engaging with hotel clients.

Food & Beverage Service

The specialisation of food & beverage service in a Diploma in Hotel Management course deals primarily with the quality and service of food and drinks offered by the hotel. The Food & Beverage department of a hotel also deals with the finances related to the dedicated hotel section. The Food & Beverage personnel also need to deal with the sourcing and transportation of raw materials required for processing into various food and drinks served by the hotel. All these things are covered practically during the diploma course in food & beverage service.

Food Production

Food Production is the specialisation of a Diploma in Hotel Management course that is associated with the production and management of food services offered by a hotel. During the course, students are educated with the various foods prepared using grains, livestock, vegetable, etc. Students get the knowledge of popular cuisines and the primary dishes associated with those cuisines. Candidates are also educated with the various processes and the decorum followed in the Food Production department of a hotel. 

Front Office Operation

A specialised Diploma in Hotel Management course with Front Office Operation allows candidates to provide services in the Front Office department of a hotel.  Front Office is the most important part of a hotel’s overall presentation of quality of service they can promise to the customer. The role of the Front Office is to make good relations with customers and keep them in the comfort zone during their stay in the hotel. During the course, candidates are educated with all the mannerisms in which they are supposed to welcome and interact with clients, helping them with the registration process, showing them their rooms, asking for additional services, et cetera. All Front Office operations are divided into five classes – reception, bell service, mail and information, concierge and cashiers and night auditors. Candidates are provided training at each of the concerned Front Officer operation. 

Housekeeping Operation

Housekeeping covers many tasks ranging from cleaning and maintenance of hotel rooms to keep the reception area lively and hygienic. A specialised Diploma in Hotel Management course with Housekeeping Operation educates candidates with all the necessary details about the housekeeping operation. In addition to cleaning and maintenance, housekeeping deals with purchasing goods required by the hotel, managing the laundry (both for hotel and clients) and payment of bills. There is very less interaction between hotel clients and the hotel housekeeping staff. However, candidates are provided etiquette knowledge if these rarities ever happen.

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