What is Event Management?

Event management is a course that enables one to understand the ins and outs of meticulous planning, creatively organising and perfectly executing a show, conference, concert, festival, convention, product and brand launch or any type of event. Event management is a controlled activity planned to target a specific group of audience, needs of a product showcased/launched and an event for a purpose. It is also known as niche marketing or experimental marketing.

The need for organising events ranging from music concerts to celebrity appearances, charity and fashion shows across industries has increased the demand for professionals specialising in creative planning, visualising and selecting a venue to make an event successful.

To cater to the increasing number of students opting for event management as a profession, prestigious colleges and universities have started offering event management courses and diplomas.

Skill Sets Required to Become an Event Management

Analytical Thinking


Good PR (Public Relations) Skills

Accounting And Cost Estimating Skills

Marketing and Business Acumen

Budgeting Skills

Risk Management Ability

Mastery Over Conceptualising, Preparing and Implementing Event Plans Perfectly

Networking and Negotiation Skills

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