Food Technology Courses

During the three-year program, most of the BSc (Honours) students study the following subjects:

Semester 1: Introduction to Biology, Introduction to Food Technology – I, Mathematics and Statistics, Technical Writing in English, and Computational Techniques,

Semester 2: Technical Writing in English, Computational Techniques, Chemistry, Introduction to Food Technology, and Principles of Food Science,

Semester 3: Technology of Fruits, Vegetables and Plantation Crops, Foundation of Food and Nutrition, Project Management and Entrepreneurship, and Food Processing and Engineering,

Semester 4: Technology of Cereals, Pulses and Oilseeds, Principles of Food Preparation, Food Engineering, and Biochemistry

Semester 5: Technology of Dairy and Sea Products, Food Chemistry, Food Microbiology, and Food Quality Testing and Evaluation,

Semester 6: Technology of Meat, Poultry and Eggs, Food Chemistry, Food Safety, and Food Quality Management

During the four-year program, most of the students pursuing B Tech in Food Technology study the following subjects:

Semester I


Engineering Maths

Engineering Physics

Engineering Chemistry

Introduction to IT

Fundamentals of Electrical Science

Environmental Studies

Semester II


Engineering Maths

Engineering Physics

Engineering Chemistry

Programming and Problem Solving using ‘C’ Language

Fundamentals of Electronics

Mechanical Engineering

Semester III

Basic and Food Microbiology

Food Chemistry

Fluid Mechanics

Process Calculation

Internet Design for Food Technology

Food Additives and Contaminants

Semester IV

Biochemistry and Nutrition

Principles of Food Processing and Preservation

Heat Transfer Operations

Food Hygiene, Sanitation and Plant Utilities

Food Laws and Food Regulations

Fermentation Technology

Semester V

Cereals and Legumes Processing Technology

Egg, Poultry, Meat and Fish Processing Technology

Milk and Milk Products Technology

Mass Transfer Operations

Statistical Quality Control

Entrepreneurship and Agribusiness Management

Semester VI

Fruits and Vegetables Processing Technology

Oils and Fats Processing Technology

Bakery and Confectionary Technology

Advance Techniques in Food

Food Process Engineering

Food Analysis and Quality Control

Semester VII

Introduction and Process Control

Food Packaging

Plant Design and Project Engineering

Food Product Development, Marketing and Sales

Food Industry Waste Management and by-product utilisation

Semester VIII

Industrial Internship/ Project Work Specializations


At the PG Level

The common subjects studied under an MSc in Food Technology program include:

MSc in Food Technology

Semester 1 – Food Chemistry, Food Microbiology, and Principles of Food Engineering, Principles of Food Processing and Preservation,

Semester 2 – Dairy Technology, Unit Operations in Food Processing, and Technology of Fruits and Vegetables,

Semester 3 – Technology of Meat, Fish and Poultry, Technology of Cereals, and In-plant Training,

Semester 4 – Seminar and research project.

The syllabus followed by most of the colleges offering M Tech in Food Technology includes:

Semester – I


Applied Statistics for Food Technology

Food Chemistry and Microbiology

Food Processing and Preservation

Mechanical Engineering, Refrigeration

and Cold Chain

Semester – II


Food Fermentation Technology

Food Process Engineering and


Safety and Quality Assurance in Food


Food  Processing and Quality Control


Semester - III


Advanced Food Analysis Techniques


Food Fermentation Technology Lab

Project work Phase I


Semester – IV


Project work – Phase II