M. Sc. Aviation Syllabus

Name of the Course


Topics Covered

Air Traffic Management Services

It includes the thorough study of the air traffic through managerial concepts both theoretically and practically.

l  Introduction to air traffic management


l  Basic regulation


l  Air traffic services description


l  Air traffic flow management


l  Demonstrations on air traffic control.

Aircraft Operations

The student is made aware of the complete physical phenomena involved in a flight.

l  Flight mechanics


l  Navigation


l  Meteorology


l  Operations

Communication, Navigation and Surveillance means for Air Traffic Management Services

The course will help students to understand the communication, navigation and surveillance infrastructure and its impact on operational objectives.

l  Communication


l  Navigation


l  Surveillance

Institutional and Regulatory Framework

It deals with the study of air transport safety objectives and their implementations on realistic situations.

l  Safety objectives


l  Operations regulations


l  Maintenance regulations


l  Type certificate holder duties


l  Certification and continued airworthiness procedures


l  Standards in aviation/ air traffic management regulations

Project Management

It helps students to understand all the techniques required for the organisation and management of the original project goals and objectives.

l  Techniques and tools


l  Intercultural communication


l  Team building


l  Industrial feedbacks

Flight Control Systems

It involves the studies to make students aware of the present handling qualities through stability and make them aware of flight control systems.

l  Global view of flight control channels


l  Handling qualities


l  Automatic flight control systems


l  Trajectory-based guidance systems


l  Simulation session

System Engineering

The study makes the students aware of the concepts related to system engineering and all the major technical processes.

l  General introduction


l  System engineering processes


l  Need analysis and design


l  System engineering implementation

Towards the Business Trajectory

It deals with the aspects related to the technical and operational elements enabling the business trajectory concepts.

l  Institutional aspects


l  Methodological  aspects


l  Planning phase


l  Execution phase


l  Civil-military interactions

Air Traffic Management Operations

It is to make the students understand the techniques and workings of the air traffic controllers. It will help them understand how they can manage the air traffic safely and efficiently in real-time positions.

l  Airspace structure


l  Phraseology


l  Paper strip process


l  Phone coordination

Stakeholders Business Models

This study is to make students aware of the present economics applied to the air transport and relevant business models.

l  Economic rules


l  Regulation and Deregulation of Air Transport Economy


l  Executive airline management


l  Alliance and major airlines strategy


l  Aircraft Financing


l  The low-cost airline strategy

Integration of Air Traffic Management in Airport Design and Operations

It deals with the main characteristics of the airport design and operations in the airport environment.

l  Airport design


l  Airport operations


l  Air traffic management integration

Air Traffic Management Safety Culture

It deals with safety studies as well as regulatory requirements in air transport effective system safety management.

l  Fundamental is concepts


l  Regulations


l  Air traffic management safety culture


l  Accidents and incidents investigations


l  Human factors in training


l  Safety assessment in air traffic management

Air Traffic Management Sustainable Development

The study makes students aware of present environmental impacts of aeronautical activities and detailed actions were taken towards sustainable development of the sector

l  Sustainable development concept

l  Gas and noise emissions

l  Sustainable Aircraft Design and Alternative Fuels

l  Incentive mechanisms and environmental financing

l  More environmentally efficient air operations

l  Future technology challenges



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