Law Syllabus at UG and PG Level

Syllabus at UG Level

The curriculum may vary from university to university, but broadly speaking, law courses cover Contract Act, Law of Torts, Consumer Protection, Legal Language, Law of Crimes, Family Law, Environmental laws, Criminology, Taxation Laws, and Law of Insolvency.  Also, the courses at the undergraduate level include Civil Procedure Code, Limitation Act, Criminal Procedure Code, Juvenile Justice Act, Probation of Offenders Act, Law of Insurance, Intellectual Property Law, Conflict of Laws, Law Relating to Women and children, and Law and Medicine. 

During the 5-year BA LLB program, students study the following subjects:

First year

Second year

Third year

Fourth year

Clinical courses

Fifth year

Clinical courses

Sociology, Political Science, Economics, Language, etc.

Constitution, Contracts, Psychology, History, etc.

Company law, Property Law, Administrative Law, Family Law, Criminal law, etc.

Environmental Law, Labour Law, Jurisprudence, Public International Law, Human Rights Law/Right to Information, Banking Law/Insurance Law, etc.

Professional Ethics, Alternative Dispute Resolutions, etc.

Civil procedure Code, Intellectual Property Rights/ Penology, Women and Criminal law and Law Relating to the Child/ International Trade Law, Law of Evidence, Taxation, Interpretation of Statutes, etc.

Drafting, Pleading and Conveyances, Moot Court Exercise and Internships, etc.


Remember, the subjects vary depending upon the associated stream of integrated law courses, including arts (BA LLB), commerce (BBA LLB and B.Com LLB) and science (BSc LLB) streams.

During the 3-year LLB program, students study the following subjects:

First year

Second year

Third year

Contracts, Constitution, Torts, Family Law, Criminal Law, Company Law, Administrative Law, Property Law, etc.

Environmental Law, Labour Law, Jurisprudence, Professional Ethics and Professional Accounting System, Public International Law, Human Rights Law/Insurance Law, Banking Law/Right to Information, Alternative Dispute Resolution, etc.

Civil Procedure Code, Intellectual Property Rights/Penology, Women and Criminal Law and Law Relating to the Child, International Trade Law, Interpretation of Statutes, Law of Evidence, Taxation, etc.


Syllabus at PG Level:

Though syllabus varies from college to college, postgraduate law courses focus on Nature of Jurisprudence, Natural Law Theories, Classical Positivism, Austin, Bentham, H L A Hart, Pure Theory of Law, Analytical School of Law, Sociological School of Law, American Realism, Scandinavian Realism, Historical and Anthropological Jurisprudence, Marxist Theories of Law and State, Feminist Jurisprudence, and Postmodernist Jurisprudence.

First Year

Second Year

Research Methods and Legal Writing, Comparative Public Law, Law and Justice in a Globalizing World, Criminal Law, Constitutional and Administrative Law, Intellectual Property Rights, and Human Rights and Humanitarian Law

Comprehensive Jurisprudence, Judicial Process, Comparative Constitutional Law, Legal Research Methodology and Writing, Intellectual Property Rights, Human Rights Law, and Constitutional Law


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