Career as Make Up Artist

Early Salary

2 - 3 L

Mid Salary

7 - 8 L

Senior Salary

14 - 18 L

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	Make Up Artist

Make-up involves more than just giving someone lush lips, smouldering eyes, or rosy cheeks. It is not even limited to concealing a pimple here or a blemish there. It requires sharp skill and techniques to, for example, turn a young man into a svelte granny or even an extra-terrestrial being. A special breed of magicians with small brushes for wands, make-up artists are adept at highlighting the best of your features, concealing flaws, giving makeovers and even working out complete turnarounds in one’s personality. Learning this art requires time, practice and creativity. 

What do they do?

Make-up artists generally beautify the face of a model for a runway show, a bride for a wedding or an actor for a stage production or a film. The job requires a thorough understanding of face types, colour and make-up techniques. 

Although one can do a make-up course after school, it is better to finish college and then do a course. Once you finish the course, you should assist an experienced make-up artist and look for an internship. Keep an eye out for runway shows or small events to showcase your work. A make-up artist makes good money after building his/her reputation, but one has to keep the competition in mind. You should keep updating your skills by attending international seminars and sharpening techniques.

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Skills Needed

  • A creative bent of mind
  • Steady hands
  • Love for experimenting and playing with colours
  • Interest in skin texture and facial structure
  • Familiarity with basic make-up concepts

How do I get there?

After Class 10 or 12 or graduation, join a good make-up school and do a course in personal make-up. Go for a course in advanced make-up after that. Make a portfolio and visit salons and well-known make-up artists who are looking for apprentices. Work on as many faces as you can to gain experience.

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