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2 - 3 L

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4 - 5 L

Senior Salary

6 - 7 L

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	Matrimonial Consultant

Marriage holds a very important place in Indian society. It is a grand affair which parents plan for their children. Though the society have changed with times and youngsters prefer love marriage over the old accustomed arranged association but still more than half of the population still believes in the old system. From ages, a mediator who used to get two families together for marriage is considered a person of repute. Earlier, it used to be some relative or astrologer but with commercialization hitting Indian land acting as mediator between two families for marriage became a flourishing industry. Today, it is one of those markets which is immune from any kind of recession and is growing rapidly even in the west. 

What do they do?

As a matrimonial consultant or matchmaker you will looks for a prospective bride or groom for your client. You will have to coordinate meetings between their families and look for possible cohesion between them. You will also have to scan profiles and shortlist them according to the preferences of the clients and bring them on board to take the talks further. Their work could involve frequent travel, both in India and to other countries such as Dubai to do background checks on NRI families, etc. 
“In the field of matrimonial consultancy, 90% of players are working on their own while the rest work with companies or firms,” says Rekha Vaid, senior marriage consultant and counsellor, Sycorian Matrimonial Services Ltd, New Delhi. The work is based on trust and a consultant needs to handle clients with care

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Skills Needed

  • Good communication skills and the ability to convince others – which comes handy when both parties don’t agree on small, insignificant issues
  • Patience to deal with fussy clients
  • Diplomacy and maturity - marriage is a sensitive issue and can involve hurt feelings. A consultant should be able to calm ruffled feathers and see each party is not slighted or made uncomfortable
  • Be aware of social trends and mores

How do I get there?

You don’t need to be a qualified professional to become a matrimonial consultant but you can study communications to hone the skills you require to work professionally. After graduation, you may work for a popular consultant for some time to learn the ropes of the trade and to widen your network. Once you develop a good clientele, you can branch out on your own. If you are able to pull off some good matrimonial alliances, then word-of-mouth publicity will definitely boost your business. Knowledge of psychology, a good grasp of business affairs, and general knowledge (especially about various communities) is essential for a person handling something as sensitive as a matrimonial alliance.

Typical day in the life of a Matrimonial Consultant

10am: Answer queries of a potential client in office. If he wants to sign up, collect the personal details from him. Make him/ her fill up forms, submit documents (ID proof, photograph and divorce decree, if applicable) and pay registration fee
11 am: Visit client’s place for discussions
2 pm: Send selected bio-datas to registered clients
4 pm: Coordinate meetings between families
6 pm: After the meeting is over return home if there’s no work (next day take feedback from the families) 

Pros & Cons about this career

There’s satisfaction in helping two people find life partners Money is good

Uncertain future as online matrimonial solutions pose a threat to their sustainability

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