What is Bachelor of Business Administration in Event Management?

BBA Event Management is a 3-year undergraduate programme that is catered by several Indian colleges and universities. Event management is one of the most rapidly evolving industries in India that finds application in several prominent industries. Some select Indian institutions also provide an extension of the programme dubbed BBA in Event Management & Public Relations.

As an application of the project management, event management deals with the creation, development and implementation of events. These events can range from music concerts and success bashes to conferences and conventions. Several important parameters are considered before the launch of an event. First, the brand is analysed and the target audience is identified. Thereafter, an event concept is visualised followed by the validation of the technical aspects of the event planned. An event manager fulfils all of these responsibilities.

Charitable organisations, interest groups and hi-profile industries commonly employ event planning. The aim of events varies from celebrating feats to fundraising for charity purposes.

Skill Sets Required for Bachelor of Business Administration in Event Management

Excellent task management and time management skills are required for pursuing a BBA Event Management programme. Events might vary from small parties to big success bashes. As such, event managers are required to be versatile. Moreover, candidates interested in Bachelor of Business Administration in Event Management should be able to decompose tasks into smaller and easily manageable tasks. Various essential skills required for successfully pursuing a degree in BBA Event Management are summed up as follows:

  •  Accounting and cost estimation
  •  Clear and effective communication
  •  Creativity
  •  Leadership
  •  Public relations management
  •  Resource management
  •  Strategic planning
  •  Task decomposition and management
  •  Team management
  •  Time management

Job Prospects

BBA Event Management graduates can provide their event planning and managerial services across various job profiles. Candidates can work as an event planner or an event coordinator in the core field of event management. They can also put their skills to use in the advertisement and marketing industry. Some of the best job profiles available for candidates with BBA in Event Management are briefed as follows:

Event Manager

The job profile of an event manager is ideal for BBA Event Management candidates. They are responsible for conceiving the idea or assisting clients with coming up with an idea. Event managers are meant to lead the event management staff and coordinating all the activities associated with the event. They are the ones that decide the overall budget of the event and present it to the client.

In the modern scenario, event managers are responsible for planning and executing virtual events too. Hiring and training the event management staff is also the responsibility of event managers. They can choose to either provide their services as a regular employee or go freelance.

Event Coordinator

Event coordinators, also known as event specialists, are professionals responsible for streamlining the various processes of an event. They are well versed with all facets of the event, whether it is a trade show or some celebration bash. Event coordinators take care of the entire occasion, from conception to the summation.

Event specialists need to contact clients to understand all the event requirements clearly. Ensuring the complete event runs smoothly is the top priority for event coordinators. They are entrusted with tasks related to organising transportation for guests, arranging all the equipment required by the event and handling issues that might arise during the event.

Celebrity Manager

Another great career option for BBA in Event Management graduates is that of a celebrity manager. They have to assume several roles that vary from agents to contract negotiators, depending on the client requirements. Celebrity managers are primarily involved with actors, models and musicians. It is a challenging yet rewarding job opportunity.

Celebrity managers are ought to join hands with promoters to ensure their client get the best work opportunities. Creating a daily schedule and outlining long-term career goals for celebs are the part of the job for a celebrity manager. In addition to assisting clients with business matters, celebrity managers also provide important assistance for social concerns.

Advertising Executive

Advertising executives are responsible for devising, planning and executing advertisement ventures for their clients. They need to work in line with the marketing, R&D, production, sales, distribution and other organisational departments to come up with the most favourable advertising campaigns. Advertising executives are adept at analysing market trends and the competition to incept advertising ideas that work best for their clients.

It is the responsibility of an advertising executive to decide the budget of advertisement campaigns. Advertising executives are also involved in the promotion and the social media presence of the brand. In some scenarios, they have to take care of the financial and statistical information of the organisation too.

Brand and Image Specialist

Branding is defined as the technique that is used to engage customers by developing the corporate identity. The job profile of a brand and image specialist is a great career option for candidates with a degree in BBA Event Management. Brand and image specialists are adept at applying psychological principles and focusing on some select segments.

Design, research and strategy are three most important tools of brand and image specialists. They are responsible for analysing the target audience of a brand and come up with effective ways to increase brand awareness and brand popularity. In-depth research and evaluation of the competition are important parts of the job responsibility for a brand and image specialist.

Other Career Options

Graduates with a degree in BBA Event Management are ideal for assuming roles that involve creating, implementing and managing events. In addition to providing their services to event managers and advertising executives, BBA in Event Management graduates can work as consultants, event planners, finance management executives, HR managers, logistics executives, event management tutors and purchase managers.

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Event Management Eligibility Criteria

Aspirants aiming to pursue a BBA Event Management degree need to have successfully completed a higher secondary certificate examination, i.e. Class 12th. Candidates that have completed an equivalent examination are also eligible for applying for the 3-year specialised undergraduate course. Full eligibility criteria for BBA Event Management are slated as follows:

  • Successfully completed higher secondary certificate education (Class 12th) from a recognised state education board or any other equivalent qualification from any recognised institution with at least 55% marks in aggregate or an equivalent CGPA.

Most institutions offering Bachelor of Business Administration in Event Management employ a detailed selection process. Merit-based selection and selection based on entrance examination performance are the two primary selection processes.

BBA Event Management Specialization

The 3-year Bachelor of Business Administration in Event Management programme educates candidates in various errands associated with event planning. These tasks include acquiring necessary permits, budgeting, catering arrangements, coordinating transportation, selecting decor and theme, emergency planning and scheduling.

Event management starts with conceiving an appropriate idea about the event, making necessary planning and then implementing it. Marketing and advertising are an integral part of event management. Events might vary from music concerts and cultural shows to fashion shows. After the successful completion of BBA in Event Management, candidates can choose to either go for a master’s programme or explore potential career opportunities.

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