What is BBA Human Resource Management?

BBA Human Resource Management is a 3-year undergraduate course offered by several universities and colleges across India. The programme is designed to develop managerial skills in the direction of compensation, employee relations, functions of strategic and human resource planning, recruitment, career planning, organisational effectiveness, training and development and collective bargaining among candidates. Owing to the competition in the business environment, management philosophy has shifted from asset management to human resource management. This has led to the expansion of job duties of a human resource manager, making the profession as one of the most lucrative job profiles these days.

The primary aim of the BBA Human Resource Management course is to produce apt professionals that can guide and manage organisations for the optimum use of available human resources. HR department plays a vital role in the modern business scenario. Whether it is a small firm or a full-fledged one, having an adept HR department is must for every business disregard of its stature. After successfully completing the undergraduate degree in Human Resource Management, candidates are normally left with two choices. Aspirants can choose either to pursue a Master’s course in the same or some other specialisation or put their skills to use in the competitive industry.

Skill Sets Required for BBA in Human Resource Management

Candidates interested in pursuing BBA Human Resource Management need to be skilful in managing resources. Moreover, they are required to be proficient in interpersonal skills and solve resource issues with proper planning and strategy. Team work and time management skills are also mandatory for pursuing the 3-year undergraduate course. Mentioned below are the skills essential for aspirants to pursue the BBA Human Resource Management course successfully:

  •  Analytical Ability
  •  Decision Making
  •  Effectual Communication
  •  Problem-Solving Attitude
  •  Resource Management
  •  Team & Time Management

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My Journey in GIBS (I Am GIBSIAN)

By Raj Raaz (Class of 2017) , 7 months, 1 week ago
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The best institute in Bangalore for practical education & for the industry exposure. Here we get a lot of guest lecturers. Workshops are also organised. we have been coached by highly qualified, experienced & influential lectures. It has helped me to groom my personality.

Great curriculum and dedicated faculty

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Amity university Gurgaon is a good college with great curriculum and a dedicated faculty. The faculty is really hardworking and extracurricular activities are given great importance. The surroundings are good but the campus is not very easily accessible.

It is not what you think

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You need to work really hard. Nothing is predictable here. Campus life is good. A huge campus. With lots of cafeterias. Good crowd. Fests are awesome. The studies needs to be improved a big time. Placements are just another method of getting students admitted.

BBA Human Resource Management Eligibility Criteria

Aspirants interested in pursuing BBA Human Resource Management are required to have completed the higher secondary education (Class 12th) successfully. In addition to Indian nationals, the course is available for foreign nationals too.

The full eligibility criteria for BBA Human Resource Management are mentioned as follows:

  • Successfully completed higher secondary education from a recognised state education board or any other equivalent programme from a recognised institution with at least 55% marks (50% for non-General candidates) or an equivalent CGPA (Cumulative Grade Points Average)

In addition to the mentioned eligibility criteria, a few institutions might impose some other application guidelines like age.

BBA Human Resource Management Specialization

BBA Human Resource Management is one of the most preferred specialisations of Bachelor of Business Administration in India. The 3-year undergraduate programme helps candidates in understanding the basic principles of the management and acquiring all the necessary proficiency required for effectively managing resources at an organisation’s dispense. Human resource management is an important department of any organisation, which is responsible for taking care of the organisational resources as well as the development of the same. Candidates with a degree in BBA Human Resource Management are fitting for distinct organisational roles that demand managerial as well as planning skills. They can decide either to work as full-time employees or part-time freelancers.

Jobs after BBA Human Resource Management There are several career avenues available for candidates with BBA Human Resource Management. Candidates might choose to provide work as human resource managers and production managers, who are indispensable experts of an organisation and help in increasing the development rate of the organisation. They are paid handsomely for their efforts and services. Moreover, they can carry out additional analysis and research work to provide new insights to the business owner. Top options for candidates with BBA in Human Resource Management are briefed in the following list.

HR Manager

Human resource managers are responsible for taking care of all the human resources available to an organisation. They have to come up with effective strategies to maximise the utilisation of resources, without compromising the quality of services delivered by the organisation to the employees. They are responsible for addressing the issues related to employees too. HR managers also handle the recruitment process for the organisation and decide the amount of remuneration for the same. Moreover, they have to provide work in the finance department of the organisation. The amount of remuneration paid to HR managers depends on the repute of the organisation.

Public Relations (PR) Manager

Candidates with BBA Human Resource Management can look forward to work as public relations (PR) managers. As the designation suggests, these professionals are responsible for enhancing as well as maintaining the public image of their organisation or client using several means. Typically, public relations managers are responsible for arranging and planning sponsored corporate events as well as review press releases in the context of the betterment of the public image of the organisation. Public relations managers are responsible for putting the organisation’s view in front of the public via interviews and media releases. They need to observe economic, social and political trends carefully, and then come up with effective ways to cope up with those trends for the betterment of the organisation’s image.

HR Consultant

The duties of HR consultants might vary from organisation to organisation. HR consultants are involved with overseeing the recruitment process for the organisation and designing unified solutions for the daily operation of the organisation. In most of the cases, they need to work in line with line managers and other resource management personnel. They need to come up with a strategy that works out on a daily basis and allows line managers to implement the strategy build by the HR consultant in a smooth and problem-free way. Moreover, HR consultants act as the go-between for business partners and the HR management team.

Recruitment Consultant

Candidates with BBA Human Resource Management have the choice to work as recruitment consultants. They are responsible for gaining candidates and matching them with the perfect temporary or permanent positions for client companies. Recruitment consultants are excellent at building understanding relationships with client organisations. This helps them in developing a better understanding of the recruitment requirements of organisations. They are expert in searching appropriate candidates by means of recruiting, networking and referrals. Recruitment consultants are responsible for screening, interviewing and performing background checks on candidates. Based on their findings, they match candidates to clients looking for recruitments. They assist both candidates as well as clients in terms of job profiles.

IT Recruiter

IT recruiters are responsible for hiring appropriate IT candidates for clients, which vary from big multi-national firms to individual groups.  Information Technology recruiters provide candidates for both full-time and part-time jobs. They are well aware of the basics of information technology and the latest trends going in the field to test job applicants. IT recruiters act as a liaison between recruiters and job applicants. IT recruiters can choose either to work for an organisation or to go freelance. Before setting up distinct steps for recruiting, IT recruiters need to carefully study the environment and work culture of organisations so that they can choose the most comfortable candidates.

Product Development Executive

Another lucrative opportunity for candidates with BBA Human Resource Management is to provide their services as a product development executive. They are responsible for carrying out extensive market research, developing new products and then deciding the launch of the newly developed products. While developing new products for the organisation, product development executives need to consider the company vision and customers requirements. Managing product certification process and ensuring the safety of products are also the duties of a product development executive. To come up with excellent product ideas, product development executives need to stay abreast of the latest market conditions and trends. Product development executives also deal with vendor issues related to products.

Purchase/Vendor Development Manager

Vendor Development Manager, also known as purchase development manager, is a managerial job profile offered by several organisations. The job profile demands the candidate be well aware of the business process, market conditions and competitive products. They are responsible for maintaining the records of goods ordered as well as received by the organisation. They have to seek vendors with appropriate supplies and equipment, take an interview and then decide whether the product will be good for the organisation or not.  Vendor development managers are accountable for the preparation of requisite and purchase orders for supplies. Overseeing staff training and planning purchasing budgets are also taken care of by purchase development managers.

Production Manager

BBA Human Resource Management candidates with a liking for leading projects and people in manufacturing can choose to work as production managers. They are responsible for the coordination, planning and controlling the manufacturing process for a single or multiple products of the same organisation. Production managers have to devise effective production strategies that ask for the minimum amount of resources and raw materials to produce products that have the right quality to be distributed. The complexity and responsibilities of the job vary with the type of production system employed by the organisation. In addition, operations managers share many responsibilities of production managers.

Quality Assurance/Quality Control Manager

Professionals responsible for taking care of the quality of services or products offered by an organisation are known as quality assurance managers. Sometimes, they are referred to as quality control managers too. Quality assurance or control managers are responsible for carrying out an extensive research and analysis job to devise actions plans strategically to maintain or improve the quality of products and services offered by an organisation. Because of the handsome remuneration paid by the job profile, several candidates like to go for the quality assurance manager profile after completing BBA Human Resource Management course successfully. 

Other Job Options

Aspirants successfully completing BBA Human Resource Management can provide their services as human resources administrator, executive recruiter, resume checker, job placement specialist, manager of college relations, sales/business development manager, HR executive, admin executive, regional manager and personnel manager. They might find success in any job profile that demands managerial skills, proper planning and utilisation of resources.

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