What is BBA in Marketing?

Bachelor of Business Administration, alias BBA in Marketing, is a 3-year undergraduate course catered to candidates interested in pursuing a career in the business management domain. Various Indian universities and colleges offer the course to Indian students as well as foreign nationals meeting the eligibility criteria. The 3-year course is divided into six semesters, each followed by a mandatory semester-end examination. While the first four semesters of the course focus on educating candidates with the fundamental concepts of business administration, the final two semesters focus entirely on the concept of marketing.

BBA in Marketing programme educates candidates in the traditional as well as modern methodologies adopted for marketing. Candidates are required to make use of these methodologies to deal with the real world marketing problems as well as achieving the goals of marketing. It is an essential field to every industry, regardless of the focus and scope. Undergraduates in marketing are expert in accounts and bookkeeping, advanced social media marketing, business marketing operations, integrated online strategies, interactive marketing, international marketing and so on. Moreover, candidates are provided with the essential knowledge and skills required for developing small businesses during the undergraduate course. As marketing is a very competitive field, candidates need to be proficient in developing effective marketing strategies to outshine the market competition.

BBA in Marketing Skill Sets Required

The first and foremost skill required by aspirants interested in BBA in Marketing course is the ability to have outstanding communication. Moreover, they are required to be able to convince their clients and business partners. Bachelor of Business Administration in Marketing necessitates candidates to be good at problem-solving by decomposing it into parts and then addressing each of them. Following list enumerates the various vital skills required by BBA in Marketing aspirants:

  •  Convincing power
  •  Effective decision making
  •  Logical ability
  •  Problem decomposition and solving
  •  Resource management
  •  Strong communication
  •  Team & time management
  •  Strategic planning

BBA in Marketing Job Prospects

Candidates who have successfully completed a Bachelor of Business Administration in marketing programme have several career paths to choose from. Job roles associated with the development of products and services are excellent, rewarding career options. In many career profiles, candidates with BBA in Marketing are required to work in line with teams associated with ad campaigning. Moreover, they might work in developing good public relations for the company. They are in charge of working with other organisational teams for creating and implementing effective programmes to boost the sales of various products and services offered by the organisation. Various career options available for BBA in Marketing undergraduates are described as follows:

Marketing Manager

In charge of retaining existing customers as well as attracting new ones through strategic marketing, the job of a marketing manager is ideal for candidates with a BBA in Marketing degree. Marketing managers need to develop, implement and execute marketing plans for lines of business, brands or for the entire organisation. They are responsible for coordinating and managing the marketing team and sometimes even the creative team. To measure the viability of existent products and services offered by the employer organisation, marketing managers lead the market researches undertaken by the R&D department. They act as a liaison between the organisation and the media and advertising agencies.

Business Administration Researcher

The role of business administration researcher asks candidates to take command of managerial, operational and organisational responsibilities of an organisation. Candidates with BBA in Marketing degree can choose to work as business administration researchers. Because of the demanding responsibilities of business administration researchers, they are required to be well equipped in several areas, including accounting, counselling, change management, sales, finance and strategic management. Businesses across different domains require an efficient business administration researcher to maintain and grow in the stiff market competition. Among other job responsibilities, they monitor and evaluate the performance of teams, departments and employees. Typically, they are paid a handsome remuneration in five or six digits for their rigorous services to the organisation.

Business Consultant

Another great career option for candidates with a degree in BBA in Marketing is that of business consultants. They are the professionals responsible for analysing the current practices of a client organisation and provide suggestions based on their findings. Typically, business consultants are specialised in any one distinct area of business management, human resources or logistics for example. They have to understand the client requirements about what they are eyeing for improvement clearly. Analysing business practices, evaluating major competitors, and reviewing financial statements of the client organisation are some of the chores completed by business consultants. They can also develop and validate a new business model for the client.

Advertising Manager

Advertising has become a major contributing factor to businesses in the modern business scenario. No matter what type of organisation it is, advertisement plays a vital role in providing the goods and services for the intended audience. Professionals responsible for looking after the various aspects of advertisement of an organisation are known as advertising managers. This is yet another lucrative job profile for BBA in Marketing candidates. Job responsibilities for advertising managers include directing business strategies for advertising, implementing various advertising campaigns and supervising various teams and departments associated with the advertising campaign(s). Advertising managers are also responsible for choosing the content for advertising and deciding the appropriate budget for the same.

Finance Manager

Finance manager is another great career option for BBA in marketing graduates. Finance managers ought to deal with complex analysis and business modelling. They are adept at various methodologies involved in financial systems and procedures. Different businesses, manufacturing firms, trusts, charities, financial institutions, retailers, MNCs and research centres as well as universities require financial managers. A financial manager is accountable for providing proper financial guidance to assist the employer in taking the right financial decisions. Finance managers, in some cases, are referred to as business analysts or financial analysts as well. Finance managers need to evaluate all the financial implications of the decisions beforehand.

Information Systems Manager

Information systems managers are responsible for overseeing the technology used by an organisation. They are responsible for the installation, upkeep and upgrade of the entire electronics network deployed in the organisation. Information system managers have adequate expertise in information technology. They are well equipped with concepts related to hardware, software and information systems. BBA in Marketing candidates with a special interest in IT can go for the lucrative job profile of an information systems manager.

Promotions Manager

Accountable for directing programs that add advertising to purchasing incentives in the aim of boosting sales, promotions managers are well equipped with advertisement planning and implementation methodologies. Promotions managers are also responsible for creating special events for targeting customers. Promotions managers can decide purchasing incentives in the form of discounts, gifts, rebates, sweepstakes, contests, etc. After BBA in Marketing, the job designation of a promotions manager is highly appealing to Bachelor of Business Administration in marketing graduates with a knack for creative advertising.

Sales Manager

Sales managers are professionals responsible for leading the sales team of an organisation. Candidates with BBA in marketing degree are ideal for assuming the role of a sales manager. In some scenarios, sales managers are responsible for setting the prices, deals and sales for various products and services offered by the client organisation. Once candidates complete their BBA in Marketing, they can take jobs as sales manager and will be responsible for setting sales goals and overseeing them to their procurement. They are also responsible for motivating the sales team and coming up with effective ways to improve as well as streamline the sales process. They are a vital part of organisations dependent on products and services.

Other Career Options

Other potential career choices that BBA in Marketing graduates can opt for include business administration professors, human resource managers, management accountants, production managers, public relations managers and research & development managers.

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BBA in Marketing Eligibility Criteria

Candidates eyeing for pursuing BBA in Marketing are required to have completed their class 12th examination. Aspirants with an equivalent course to higher secondary education (Class 12th) can also apply for the 3-year undergraduate course. Entire eligibility criteria for Bachelor of Business Administration in Marketing are summed up as follows:

  • Candidates should have completed the higher secondary education from any recognised state education board or any other HSC equivalent programme from a recognised educational institution with a minimum of 55% marks (50% for non-General candidates) in aggregate or an equivalent CGPA.

After applying for the BBA in Marketing undergraduate course, candidates are required to undertake the entrance examination. Different institutions offering the undergraduate course have their own variant of the test designed to assess candidates for data, mathematical, reasoning and verbal skills.

BBA in Marketing Specialisations

Candidates eyeing for a lucrative career in marketing can go for Bachelor of Business Administration in Marketing. It is the study and management of exchange relationships and plays an important role for businesses. Three primary goals of marketing are creating, keeping and maintaining the clientele. Together with innovation, marketing is the leading component of Business Management. Big organisations have a dedicated marketing team, led by a marketing manager. After the successful completion of Bachelor’s in Business Administration in Marketing, candidates can go for higher studies or put their managerial skills to use in the industry.

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