What is MBA in Air Travel Management?

MBA Air Travel Management is a professional postgraduate programme. The biennial course educates candidates in various essential skills and methodologies required for taking on the various challenges imposed by the air travel operations. Air travel is a fast-paced and highly dynamic field that provides several lucrative opportunities to those interested in the air travel industry.

Master of Business Administration in Travel Management course is catered to candidates by some select Indian institutions. Air travel management deals with managing a vast number of employees and passengers across different sections of the air travel authority. A candidate can look forward to work in several diversifications of the air travel industry after completing an MBA Air Travel Management course.

Skill Required for MBA Air Travel Management

Master of Business Administration in Air Travel Management is a premium postgraduate course that presents several well-paid career opportunities to aspirants eyeing for working in the air travel industry. Candidates pursuing the 2-year programme are required to be adept at managing resources as well as leading a group successfully. Important skills required for pursuing an MBA Air Travel Management course effectively are listed down as follows:

Effective communication

Efficient task management


Quick learning

Resource management

Time management

MBA Air Travel Management Job Prospects

MBA Air Travel Management postgraduates can look forward to exploring several fields as a career. On top of that, all of these fields provide handsome remuneration to candidates for their services. Master of Business Administration in Air Travel Management postgraduates can choose to assume one of the several managerial roles available in the air travel industry. Candidates can also go for managerial roles in industries closely associated with the air travel industry, such as tourism. Some of the most favourable job profiles for the air travel management candidates are briefed up as follows:

Airport Manager

The job profile of an Airport Manager is a premium managerial position and ideal for postgraduates with MBA in Air Travel Management. Airport managers are the supreme authority responsible for overseeing the services and distribution operations and ensure that all functions are streamlined.

Airport managers have to maximise profitability and provide the highest possible service to passengers. They are responsible for managing the day-to-day operations related to the airport.

Airport managers need to be well equipped with the company policies and all the instituted operation procedures. All of their decisions are in line with these regulations.

Cargo Operations Manager

Another opportune career option for Master of Business Administration in Air Travel Management candidates is that of a cargo operations manager. These professionals are responsible for managing and overseeing cargo related operations, such as loading and unloading.

In some scenarios, cargo operations manager is also responsible for computing an aircraft’s centre of gravity. For doing so, they need to determine the quantity and the orientation of the cargo.

Cargo operations managers are, sometimes, an important member of the flight crew. During their time on the flight, they need to monitor and oversee the onboard cargo. They might also brief up passengers about various safety and emergency procedures.

Chief Administration Officer

Also known as CAO, Chief Administration Officers are responsible for managing daily operations for an organisation. They report directly to the CEO of the organisation and are a vital member of the top-tier authority. Responsibilities associated with the job profile depend on the stature of the organisation.

Chief administration officers are responsible for managing several branches, including finances, sales and human resources. All of their decisions echo with the CEO and the board of directors of the organisation.

Developing and implementing a strategic plan, reviewing administrative policy, supervising marketing efforts, preparing financial reports, and providing instructions to departmental heads are the primary job responsibilities of a chief administrative officer.

Ground Staff Manager

Ground staff managers are responsible for leading and managing ground handling suppliers of an airport. These professionals are expert in reaching targeted performance in terms of cost control, safety and operational performance. They are responsible for ensuring that all ground operations comply with the safety standards.

Candidates with an MBA Air Travel Management degree are responsible for providing services as ground staff managers. These experts are also responsible for identifying and implementing new opportunities that provide the operational improvement to the ground services.

Ground staff managers have an important say on alternate and diversion arrangements, increasing base sizes, starting new operational locations and any other important decision related to the airport management authority. They receive healthy remunerations for their services.

Travel Administrator

The job profile of a travel administrator is a great option for candidates with an MBA Air Travel Management degree. The responsibilities of a travel administrator range from researching and booking flights to providing destination and direction information to travellers. Travel administrators are well acquainted with the knowledge of flight regulations and travel documentation. They are excellent problem solvers and organisers.

Travel administrators create detailed itineraries that are able to meet specific budgets and deadlines. They need to stay in regular communication with clients. These executives work in line with different departments for fulfilling client requirements and ensuring quality service.

Other Career Options

Candidates with an MBA Air Travel Management degree can also provide their services to industries other than the aviation industry. They can choose to work as a corporate sales executive, corporate sales head and customer care executive, together with the head of marketing, product designers, safety and maintenance managers and air travel consultants.

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By Raj Raaz (Class of 2017) , 7 months ago
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The best institute in Bangalore for practical education & for the industry exposure. Here we get a lot of guest lecturers. Workshops are also organised. we have been coached by highly qualified, experienced & influential lectures. It has helped me to groom my personality.

An excellent college that provides a great ROI. The experience here is memorable.

By Abhishek Neogy (Class of 2017) , 7 months, 1 week ago
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Lets start with academics first the faculty is very experienced, the course is updated with latest requirements in corporate world and to add to that presentations and other bonding activities are often being organised. We are exposed to enough opportunities here at SRMS IBS. Sports and gym is also being equal importance. The environment is created in such a way that it is ideal for development. Best college you can find in Uttar Pradesh specially when you consider the fees and compare it with level of infrastructure, quality of education and placement which is 100%.

It's awesome and it's a good opportunity being a part of SRMS IBS family

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Despite your interest in furthering the cause of online education, we believe that traditional institutions provide an experience that cannot be mimicked the digital world. And the faculties are caring, helpful and supportive nature. And the infrastructure is so beautiful.

MBA Air Travel Management Eligibility Criteria

Candidates looking to pursue Master of Business Administration in Air Travel Management are required to have successfully completed a Bachelor’s degree in any specialisation. Candidates awaiting result for the final term of a Bachelor’s degree can also apply for the course. The full eligibility criteria for MBA Air Travel Management aspirants are summed up as follows:

A Bachelor degree in any specialisation from a recognised university or college with at least 50 percent marks in aggregate

Studied Air Travel Management as one of the compulsory subjects during the Bachelor course

Taken and cleared entrance examinations, such as CAT, MAT, and XAT or any other relevant state level common entrance examination

MBA Air Travel Management Specialization

Air travel management is classified into three tiers, upper, middle and lower. An MBA Air Travel Management programme equips candidates with all the necessary skills and knowledge required for handling these three sections. These sections include handling and management of flight attendants as well as the passengers at various levels. Candidates are educated about the flight tasks as well as tasks associated with the ground operations. The specialised 2-year postgraduate course is ideal for aspirants with a knack for travelling.

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