What is Online MBA?

Online MBA is one of the most sought after postgraduate courses.Owing to the immense possibilities the courses bring to the table for aspirants, millions of candidates pan India choose the distance-learning programme.Online MBA is the extension of the programme that puts it into the learning cyberspace. Instead of physically attending brick and mortar classes, aspirants undergoing online MBA course undertake the classes via virtual means.

Skill Sets Required for Online MBA

Candidates pursuing online Master of Business Administration needs to have some desired qualities that will help them gallop all the checkpoints of the course. Moreover, the entire online MBA course will hone these inherent skills to a much higher level than before.These skills not only facilitate the learning process but also aid aspirants to develop a mix of these skills side by side. Following list enumerates various skills that might come handy during the entire online MBA ordeal:

·         Decision Making

·         Effective Communication

·         Inference Learning

·         Interpersonal Skills

·         Problem Decomposing and Solving

·         Resource Optimisation & Management

·         Team Play

·         Time Management

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My Journey in GIBS (I Am GIBSIAN)

By Raj Raaz (Class of 2017) , 4 months, 1 week ago
User Rating

The best institute in Bangalore for practical education & for the industry exposure. Here we get a lot of guest lecturers. Workshops are also organised. we have been coached by highly qualified, experienced & influential lectures. It has helped me to groom my personality.

An excellent college that provides a great ROI. The experience here is memorable.

By Abhishek Neogy (Class of 2017) , 4 months, 1 week ago
User Rating

Lets start with academics first the faculty is very experienced, the course is updated with latest requirements in corporate world and to add to that presentations and other bonding activities are often being organised. We are exposed to enough opportunities here at SRMS IBS. Sports and gym is also being equal importance. The environment is created in such a way that it is ideal for development. Best college you can find in Uttar Pradesh specially when you consider the fees and compare it with level of infrastructure, quality of education and placement which is 100%.

It's awesome and it's a good opportunity being a part of SRMS IBS family

By Pooja Singh (Class of 2017) , 4 months, 1 week ago
User Rating

Despite your interest in furthering the cause of online education, we believe that traditional institutions provide an experience that cannot be mimicked the digital world. And the faculties are caring, helpful and supportive nature. And the infrastructure is so beautiful.

Online MBA Eligibility Criteria

While one or two clauses of eligibility criteria might be different for different institutions offering online MBA courses, the overall theme is almost the same.The eligibility criteria for the course of study are:

·         A Bachelor’s degree in any stream or an equivalent course from a recognised educational institution with at least 50 percent(relaxation for non-General candidates) marks or an equivalent CGPA

·         The complete Bachelor’s degree or the equivalent qualification must be at least a 3-year course after completing the higher secondary education

·         GMAT or GRE scores more than the cut-off set by the institution offering online MBA courses

·         Letter of recommendation

Some prestigious institutes offering online MBA courses might also necessitate the candidate to have 2 to 3 years of industry experience as a manager or coordinator, while other institutes might restrict the course for a specific age group.

Banking & Finance

Online MBA in Finance focuses on management accounting and control, Indian money market, banking, international finance and privatisation. The course emphasises the study of several aspects of financial theories, all in the aim to identify the best managerial practices in finance management.Optimal use of the assets held by an organisation or business is mandatory for its growth and survival in the dynamic market.Hence, Financial Management is focused on the devising and controlling of financial resources of an organisation to stay in the market and amongst the cutthroat competition.

Job Prospectus

An MBA degree in Finance has immense growth potential, ranging from banks to financial consultancies. Other potential markets for the course are corporate finance, consumer banking, financial institutions, institutional finance, international finance, investment banking and merchant banking.Money management and insurance are also an area of application for Banking & Finance.

MBA in Finance: Career Options and Prospects


In addition to learning business ethics and corporate social responsibility, aspirants undergoing an online MBA course in Entrepreneurship gain the analytical skills required for coming up with effective business strategies.The programme is suitable for a number of candidates ranging from those that wish to come up with their own start-up to those preparing to get hold of the family business. Online MBA in Entrepreneurship divulges into a mix of entrepreneurial skills, management skills and leadership qualities.

Job Prospectus

The best career option for MBA in Entrepreneurship is the creation and management of the personal business.Setting up new businesses is a trend experienced throughout the globe in the form of various start-ups. Even if candidates don’t wish to set up their own stalls, an MBA in Entrepreneurship paves way for several top-tier management slots in advertising, automobile, SMEs, fashion, IT, digital media and numerous other sectors.

Career Prospects after MBA in Entrepreneurship

Export Management

Globalisation has not only resulted in an accelerated rate of export and import, recent technological advent has cleared the ground for international shipping as well.Several legal and trade rules accompany with the goods that travel from one nation to another. Export management is the process of administering the international transfer of goods with the benefit of both the producer and the consumer. Additionally, it aims at devising different efficient strategies to cope up with the time restrictions laid by overseas buyers. However, it should be made sure that this process does notaffect the quality of goods/services decided by the seller and the buyer.Deemed Exports, Merchandise Exports, Project Exports and Services Exports are some of the most popular export sectors.

Job Prospectus

A postgraduate degree in Export Management benefits one with career opportunities at the managerial level, chiefly for documentation, marketing, packaging and shipping. One can find alluring employment opportunities in Cargo Clearing & Handling Agents, Development Authorities & Commodity Boards, Export Department of Trading Companies, Export Houses and Export Processing Zones, together with Export Oriented Units, Export Promotion Councils, International Trading Houses, Marine Insurance Companies, Packaging Industries, Star Trading Houses, Super Star Trading Houses, Trading Houses, etc.


Financial Services & Insurance

Banking, insurance and investment are the three vital sub-sectors of financial services industry. An online MBA course in Financial Services & Insurance prepares candidates to carefully analyse the market scenario in these three aspects and draw out vital insights to benefit the organisation. The technology sector has become one of the most impact factors on financial services. Regular monitoring of trends and working in financial markets is an important aspect of the postgraduate specialisation.Understanding cultural barriers and international trade practices are also vital.

Job Prospectus

After successfully completing an online MBA course in Financial Services & Insurance, candidates can look forward to roles, such as Financial Analyst, Financial Manager and Personal Financial Advisor. Regardless of the designation chosen by candidates, the primary task is to analyse and evaluate several investment options belonging to a person or an entire organisation. Although Finance professionals are involved with buying or selling stock options, they might take up other responsibilities related to investments as well.


General Management

An online MBA course in General Management guides aspirants to handle all type of management tasks with ease and efficiency. It is suitable for candidates with an undergraduate degree in Engineering, Natural Sciences or any other Non-Business study courses. Candidates are taught how to draw insights from an organization's general policies and carve important and effective methodologies and models of working from the same.

Job Prospectus

Several career opportunities are available for those with a postgraduate degree in General Management. In addition, there is no scarcity of growth opportunities for the same. Managing small and medium-sized enterprises, assuming the role of Manager in MNCs and large companies, Consultant for international firms and several top-notch positions in the financial sector are some of the possibilities brought forward by MBA in General Management.

MBA: Game Changer of the Job Market

Healthcare Management

Healthcare is a vital sector and one of the most rapidly growing business sectors. Management of health services, clinical information systems management and health services administration are some important sectors dealt by candidates with an online MBA in Healthcare Management.

Job Prospectus

Candidates eyeing for top positions in government agencies, insurance organisations, hospitals and consulting firms and pharmaceutical companies can use an MBA degree with a specialisation in Healthcare and Hospital Management. Hospital Managers might need to tackle critical management problems experienced by hospitals and health sector agencies. Other areas of interest might include marketing, IT, human resource development, medical colleges and health care finance services. As a health manager, persons are required to plan, direct and supervise daily operations. Sometimes the health care manager has to do budget and analysis of the current expenditure.

MBA in Hospital and Healthcare Management Scope

Human Resource Management

HR stands for Human Resource. Online MBA in HR requires the candidate to have significant skill in people management. It is all about handling situations based on the level and quality of workforce you boast of having at a particular instant of time. This course of study includes everything, ranging from employee recruiting and training to devising policies aimed at improving and safeguarding employee health and safety.

Job Prospectus

Career prospects for the specialisation range from HR management roles to the various top positions in the human resource management. There are many opportunities to benefit the aspirant. Multiple opportunities wait for those completing a degree in MBA in HR. Although the role of HR is a very demanding profession in every company, it is one of the most rewarding MBA specialisations. The need of HR in every field is increasing with each passing day.

MBA in HR: Career Options & Job Prospects

International Business

Recognition in the international market is an aim that every organisation has at some point in their timeline. This is realised with the help of business patrons with specialisation in International Business. Not only this, an International Business Manager also represents an organisation in the global market. A sound understanding of the international business scenario and the contemporary business practices are must to have for making important global business related decisions. This is what an online MBA course in International Business prepares candidates for. International Business primarily focuses on the brilliant acumens of the behaviour and planning of international operations.

Job Prospectus

Accounting Executive, Corporate Investment Banker, Finance Executive, Human Resources Officer, Management Consultant, Marketing Executive, Purchasing Manager and Supply Chain Manager are some of the professional roles offered to candidates with an MBA degree in International Business specialisation. Top positions for these candidates are present in accounting, finance, HR and marketing.


Investment Management

Considered one of the most challenging, but rewarding at the same time, sectors, Investment Management deals with various investment strategies, their strengths and weaknesses, and different types of financial securities followed by investment activities. The capital market study, sales and trading, portfolio management, security analysis and understanding various investment tools are some of the important courses aspirants undergo during online MBA course in Investment Management.

Job Prospectus

For Investment Managers, work includes arranging meetings with clients, liaising with the same for gathering requirement and other information required by the organisation. Research is an important part of the job for Investment Managers, irrespective of the designation they opt for. A comprehensive understanding of the present scenario and trends moulding its shape and future conditions is necessary for Investment Manager. Explaining and justifying complex financial transactions is also something an Investment Manager has to deal with.

IT Management

Information Technology a.k.a. IT is the backbone of modern day equipment. With the advent super fast, small-sized and interconnected processing devices, every business necessitates for a resolute IT hold. The IT degree required for a business depends on the size of the organisation.The bigger the business, the extensive information technology it requires. Master of Business Administration in Information Technology Management prepares managers who can efficiently oversee the various aspects, such as design, planning and selection of information and communications technologies.

Job Prospectus

As Information Technology has penetrated almost all sorts of jobs, there are no boundaries to an MBA graduate with IT Management. A business graduate in Information Technology can explore several career avenues, including IT alignment, IT governance, Financial Management, Service Management companies, Sourcing and IT configuration management. IT Managers are almost required in every kind of businesses.

Career Options and Prospects after MBA in IT

Logistics & Operations

The need of Logistics or Operations or Supply Chain manager has led to the inception of online MBA course in Logistics & Operations or Supply Chain Management. Operations Management deals with the creation, delivery, distribution, and production of various services and/or goods developed by an organisation or business. The primary aim of an Operations Manager is to streamline the various product/service related processes into a single effectively manageable procedure.

Job Prospectus

As India is continuously growing as a retail market, the need for logistics and supply chain management is also mushrooming. Need for Logistics & Operations Manager for overseeing the transportation as well as the distribution of goods and other commodities is on the rise. Candidates completing MBA with Logistics & Operations Management specialisation have a wide variety of options to work ranging from General Operations Manager and manufacturing Development and Operations Manager to Production Planner.

Career Options & Prospects after MBA in Logistics & Operations

Management Information Systems

Information Systems fall under the broader concept of Information Technology. An online MBA course in Information Systems provides all the necessary technical expertise required to manage and maintain the information systems network, consisting of network administration and database systems, of an organisation. The study course provides a blend of technological understanding with the rooting of business skills. In addition, online MBA in Management Information Systems provides a basic understanding of essential information management tools.

Job Prospectus

One completing the postgraduate degree in Management Information Systems might work as a Systems Consultant, Corporate Manager or even as an IT strategist. Various positions in information technology and information systems division of major firms are some potential career opportunities one can go with. Information Systems Managers need to deal with the various aspects of underlying systems that make up the Information System of an organisation.

Project Management

With an emphasis on leadership and problem-solving skills, Project Management deals with the real-time creation, devising and implementation of a business plan. Online MBA course in Project Management teaches aspirants how to act decisively and strategically in real world scenarios. Project Management is vital for any organisation to maintain profitability and gaining a stronghold in the ever-changing business market. Candidates undergo result-specific courses, such as time and cost management, during the programme. It educates candidates in planning and streamlining various processes that can benefit the organisation they are working with.

Job Prospectus

Candidates holding an MBA degree in Project Management have the opportunity to assume various leadership and supervisory roles in several industries, ranging from construction to education. Such candidates might find employment opportunities in MNCs, non-profit organisations, international businesses, et cetera. Project Managers are also required in industrial production, healthcare and IT firms.

Retail Management

An industry known as a people-oriented sector, retailing first sets its foot in India during the mid-80s. Retail Management is one of the top MBA specialisations in the world. A Retail Manager has the primary task to deal with selling products and services to consumers. The retail market is one of the most profitable markets in India, hence making an online MBA course in Retail Management alluring for aspirants.

Job Prospectus

Retail Managers are required to work for a business that needs to meet client requirements within constricted time limits without compromising the quality. The need of Retail Managers is in several sectors ranging from construction and education to pharmaceuticals and firms specialising in fashion products.

Career Options & Prospects after MBA in Retail

Rural Management

Due to the fact that almost one-half of the Indian GDP is dependent on the rural economy, the idea to harness this pact, in addition to uplift and welfare of rural India, has given birth to the online MBA course in Rural Management. Technically, rural management is the direct application of management principles in the rural sector. It includes the organising and planning of cooperatives and organisations to work for the betterment of agriculture. All the challenges brought forward by the deal to harness rural economy, while advancing it, is the chief focus of an online Master in Business Administration course in Rural Management.

Job Prospectus

Being a nation with an immense rural area, India has several opportunities in store for MBA graduates specialising in Rural Management. The most probable options include the government sector and NGOs. These include Action Aid and Organisation of Rural Development. High-end research facilities are available at the disposal of Rural Development Managers to prepare case studies that can help in improving the overall rural scenario.

Career Options in Rural Management

Sales & Marketing

In order for a business to mushroom and reach new heights, sales are important. Patrons who manage and oversee the growth of sales of an organisation require a specialisation in Sales & Marketing. This is offered by an online MBA course in Sales & Marketing. Sales & Marketing manager needs to deal with advertising and public relations too.

Job Prospectus

Assuming the role of a Marketing Manager, candidates have to lead the marketing team to take care of a number of activities, ranging from promotion of newer products incepted by the corporation to set up advertising campaigns for the existing in-demand products. Other tasks include doing market research, regrouping teams and assigning tasks. Sales & Marketing Managers are required in almost every industry, ranging from film and television to consumer goods.

MBA in Marketing: Career, Skill and Jobs

Services Management

The service sector makes up an important part of the Indian economy. It has higher growth rate than agricultural and manufacturing sectors, two of India’s biggest industrial sectors. Because of direct interaction with consumers, service organisations are people-oriented. Hence, understanding the psychology and needs of customers is an important aspect of Services Management. An online MBA course in Services Management educates aspirants with all the necessary tools and concepts to manage a service operation effectively. Services Management is constantly evolving at an accelerated rate and will continue to do so for the couple of decades to follow, making it one of the most lucrative career grounds.

Job Prospectus

Services Managers can easily find job opportunities in several big industries in the world. Service Managers need to prepare questionnaires, interact with the consumers and understand the requirements so that the services provided by the organisation can be improved for both consumers and producers.


Technology Management

Technology is evolving at an exponential rate with each passing day, making Technology Management a necessity. Most of the online MBA courses for Technology Management requisites candidates to have several years of hands-on experience in the technological sector. Imparting education in Technology Management prepares managers to better understand and deal with the modern technological scenarios, in addition, to deal with the rapid changes associated with it. These programmes educate managers to transform the knowledge of various technologies into innovations.

Job Prospectus

Chief Technology Officer, Information Systems Manager and Systems Analystare some of the highest-paying profiles bagged by Technology Managers. Other potential job options for candidates completing online MBA course in Technology Management include Computer Systems Analyst, Technology Managers and Technology Planners.

Tourism & Hotel Management

Tourism & Hospitality Management is one filed that keeps on mushrooming with the growth of world economy. The career opportunity provides aspirants with various vintages over other career options.Understanding the local norms, scenarios and trends are some important insights that managers specialising in Tourism & Hotel Management acquire. The career opportunity asks aspirants to keep a high level of personal grooming with proper etiquettes and soft skills to take the business to new and greater heights. An online MBA course in Tourism & Hotel Management is all about keeping a close eye on the organisation’s infrastructure, values, services and customer satisfaction.

Job Prospectus

Candidates completing their online MBA course in Tourism & Hotel Management can undertake several hi-profile career opportunities in several sectors. These include tourism department, airlines, hotels and restaurants, tour operating agencies, travel agencies, transportation firms, etc.

MBA in Hospitality/Hotel Management- Tread down an Offbeat Path

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