Photography Syllabus

Institutes offering photography courses prepare their own syllabus and divide them into modules based on the type and duration of the course.

Basic level - This is one of the prominent photography courses, which assures to give you a solid foundation to build upon. It covers an introduction to photography, DSLR cameras, subject knowledge, types of lenses and their usage, exposure triangle, white balance, etc.

Most of the Basic Diploma Photography Courses comprise of the following syllabus with duration varying from 3 months to 1 year.

Diploma in Photography

Part I

·         Photography: Purpose & Possibilities

·         History of Photography

·         Introduction to Image Making

·         Digital Photography Basics

·         Lighting

·         Using External Flash Creatively

·         Framing and Composition › Street Photography › Portraiture in Available Light › Basics of Photoshop

Part II

·         Documentary Photography

·         Photo journalism

·         Post Production

Part III

·         Studio Photography

·         Continuation of Documentary Photography

Part IV

·         Genres of photography

·         The Business of Photography and Workshops

·         Initiation of Internship Process

 Part V

·         Internship

·         Diploma Project and Portfolio Building

·         Graduate Exhibition & Career Day

·         Know your camera - workings and

·         function of a digital camera

·         Basics of lighting - role and importance

·         of natural light in photography

·         Composition - key aspects of a well

·         composed shot

·         Studio lighting - the technicalities

·         of different types of studio lights

·         Portrait photography - know the art of

·         portrait taking in natural and studio light

·         Field assignment - practice photography

·         Edit your work - Photoshop and selection

·         of images


Advanced level – Most of the advanced level photography courses teach skills such as:

Camera Metering

Focusing Techniques

Lighting Techniques

Composition Techniques

Shooting Techniques

Equipment Used in Various Scenarios

Post Processing

Most of the advanced photography courses focus in specialisations of photography. 

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