What is Post Graduate Diploma in Advertising?

Are you someone who’s fascinated by jingles and advertising campaigns on television, radio, print, and online? Do you have a creative bent and you think you can add value to make a product more saleable? Then you should consider pursuing a Post Graduate Diploma in Advertising.

The diploma will be your stepping-stone for a career in advertising. In order to be selected for a job role in an advertising agency or in the advertising department of an organisation, recruiters demand a Degree or Diploma in Advertising from a reputed educational institute.

Importance of Studying Advertising

Advertising is a medium through which organisations and individuals lure masses into purchasing their product or reaping benefits of their service. Post Graduate Diploma in Advertising from a recognised University/Institute allows students to gain an in-depth understanding of advertising and its verticals. Through the course, students specialise in advertising and interrelated sectors such as Marketing, Media Management & Event management, and Public Relations.

Post Graduate Diploma in Advertising equips a student to gain the knowledge of operations of these functional areas and helps to create job opportunities in the industry. After the Diploma in Advertising, candidates can pursue a career as a creative advertisement director, media director, copywriter and/or account planner. 

The PG Diploma in Advertising course is an innovative and exciting course. It is designed to meet the needs of today’s business environment.
The course nurtures the creativity of each enrolled student. Students who pass out the course are trained to explore strategic operational and physiological aspects of advertising along with marketing, public relations, consumer behaviour and branding.

Post Graduate Diploma in Advertising offers students an opportunity to learn from top professionals and leaders from the advertising and marketing world.

A Diploma in Advertising is designed for those students who wish to work in domains where it’s important to understand the consumer behaviour and then frame luring content or advertisement to win them as customers.

Course Duration



Graduate in any discipline from a recognised university. Students appearing in their final year of graduation can also apply.

Can be pursued as a full-time course, or can be done through distance learning.

Post Graduate Diploma in Advertisement Course Objective

Post Graduate Diploma in Advertising follows a rigorous curriculum including integrated theories of advertising, marketing and communication management amid others. 

  •  Post Graduate Diploma in Advertising is a one-year PG level course designed to provide a thorough working knowledge of the advertising industry.
  •  The course lays down strong emphasis on evaluation of student performance based on assignments, projects and research.
  •  The course keeps students updated with latest trends in the advertising world.
  •  The course trains students to master skills required for the advertising industry. In the course, students learn to utilise communication skills to convey accurate and engaging communications to the target audience.
  •  Through the Post Graduate Diploma in Advertising, students gain live and practical understanding, which they can apply in the real life situations. 

Required Skills for Post Graduate Diploma in Advertisement

The Diploma in Advertising is an appropriate course for anyone who has a creative imagination, an aptitude for writing and communication skills to engage. An advertising student can also be required based on good event management skills.

Post Graduate Diploma in Advertisement Course Curriculum

After successfully completing the Post Graduate Diploma in Advertising, students are completely prepared to join the advertising and marketing industry and kick start their career.

All students who wish to opt for higher studies after the one-year diploma are eligible for direct admission in the second year of a Master in Journalism and Mass Communication through lateral entry.

Below is the curriculum that prepares a student for the competitive advertising world out there -

Post Graduate Diploma in Advertising

  •          Communication Theory and Research Marketing
  •          Advertising: Principles, Concepts and Management
  •          Media Planning
  •          Creativity and Campaign Planning
  •          Oral and Visual Communication
  •          Digital Public Relations and Corporate Communication
  •          Production Techniques and Methods
  •          Advertising, PR and Marketing Research

Post Graduate Diploma in Advertisement Job prospects

Post Graduate Diploma in Advertising prepares a student for an advertising job. An advertising job requires the candidate to persuade the masses of purchasing a product or using a service. In some cases, advertising job may also require one to draw peoples’ attention towards social issues.

Many people hope to join the advertising industry after a course in mass communication, but it has been seen that recruiters in the advertising organisations prefer students with an advertising degree or diploma. Advertising industries hire creative and talented persons, who can think independently and work as a team.

Some of the job profiles suitable for student passing out with a Diploma in Advertising include:

  •  Client Service Manager

As a client service manager, an individual is responsible for creating and maintaining a cordial relationship between the advertising agency and its clients. The manager is also responsible for ensuring alignment between the promotional strategies being implemented and the client’s business goals and objectives.

  •  Account Executive

As an account executive, an individual is responsible for coordinating client’s project and ensuring smoothness in planning and completion of the project. The account executive also helps to execute strategies, solve problems and develop a good relationship with clients.

  •  Copywriter

Working as a copywriter, an individual is responsible for generating concepts and ideas for a new client project. The copywriter is required to adapt and change the design, copy, layout, format and choice of media according to client need and strategy.

  •  Creative Director

A creative director is required to maintain the quality of all the creative work produced by the advertising agency. The director maintains quality and standard of creativity in all the projects for all the clients.

  •  Art Director

As an Art Director, an individual is responsible for the general advertising campaigns and visual campaigns. The director is required to coordinate with the art and design teams and also oversee that the work is being completed within timelines.

Post Graduate Diploma in Advertisement Colleges There are many institutions in the country that offer the course; however, the best colleges/universities offering Post Graduate Diploma in Advertising include:



Indian Institute of Mass Communication

New Delhi

Mudra Institute of Communications, MICA

Ahmedabad, Gujarat

Xavier Institute of Communications


University of Mumbai


St Xavier’s College



Excellent teaching

By Harshada Mohite (Class of 2016) , 7 months, 4 weeks ago
User Rating

The campus is too good. The teaching faculties are excellent and very friendly. There are various things to learn apart from your course. You get to build your inner self and get confidence. I have been there for around 5 years of my graduation as well as post graduation.

Delhi Metropolitan College review

By Rohit Srivastava (Class of 2018) , 8 months, 1 week ago
User Rating

Delhi Metropolitan College is a college what all people actually dream about. All pass outs have always appreciated how drastically they've changed or in fact developed. The crowd is so unlike Delhi university and education is always given enough priority.

I would give 4.5 star but their was no option

By Shubham Siingh (Class of 2020) , 8 months, 1 week ago
User Rating

I would say Galgotias university has one of the best teachers in the department of mass communication. Yes I would equipments for our training our not enough but the knowledge given by teachers is all what we need. Department of mass communication is affiliated to ISOMES, Noida film city and the best part is my university provides a lot of exposure as every Saturday there's a field experience and we are asked to cover the best events taking place in Delhi for example: The north eastern fest, the open frame film festival, news 18 studio visit and shooting for a program, and many others.

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Post Graduate Diploma in Advertisement Specialisation

Students pursuing Post Graduate Diploma in Advertising have several areas in which they can specialise during the duration of the course. Advertising has many offshoot branches that offer interesting opportunities for students. Students can specialise to become great assets for an advertising agency. Following are a few specialisations and student can indulge in during the duration of the diploma.

Public Relations

Indulging in public relations as a specialisation, individual will learn how to become the voice of an organisation. The student will be trained on how to help execute a marketing and advertising campaign. In public relations specialisation, students learn the strategies to develop successful verbal and written communication.

Consumer Behaviour

A specialised study of consumer behaviour focuses on training an individual to understand the psychological aspects of a consumer that affect their decision-making process. The course also helps students learn how to collect data through laboratory studies and through field experiments. The course educates students with all the skills and prerequisites necessary to excel in the field of consumer behaviour within the organisation or advertising agency.


A specialisation in marketing helps students exploring critical marketing communication tools and techniques. The course lays down special emphasis on integrating communication and its recent evolution. The study of marketing prepares a student for a successful and rapidly growing career in the field.

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