What is MDS?

Dentistry is a very demanding profession and but many aspirants are entering into this field. MDS course or Master in Dental Surgery is a postgraduate program in dentistry. A branch of medicine, dentistry deals with anatomy and diseases related to teeth. The duration of MDS program varies according to colleges and courses. Generally, the duration of this program is three years. There is a provision of two-year MDS course for candidates who have completed their postgraduate diploma in dentistry. Some colleges like Tamil Nadu-based Dr. M.G.R. Medical University facilitates completion of this course within six years.

The MDS course is governed by DCI, i.e. Dental Council of India, as the regulatory body for all dentist courses offered by various institutes in India. One can learn Roentgenographic Techniques, anaesthesia and applied surgery – amongst other skills – while pursuing this course. This course is very career oriented, as one can find several career options including a dentist, dental researcher and a teacher in the dental department of a hospital, dental clinic, research centre and educational institutes, etc. A career in dental surgery is a very well paying option for youth in India. After completion of this program successfully, a fresh graduate can avail an average salary of INR 25,000 to INR 1.5 lakh per month.

Availability of MDS program

Various colleges in India offer MDS course. These include private as well as Government colleges. Many colleges allow completing this course in various domains. Some of the most popular ones are as follows:

Skills Required to Pursue MDS Course

One who wants to pursue MDS course must possess following skills and interests.

  •  An interest in providing dental care to their patients
  •  Good communication skill in working with people of different areas
  •  Understanding of professionalism required to deal with patients, dentists and other colleagues
  •  Problem-solving attitude to fight against complicated problems
  •  Visual competency and to look into X-Ray report and patient’s teeth
  •  Desirous to dental health promotion through community involvement
  •  Distinct vision regarding colour, space and shape
  •  Good understanding of the equipment used in clinics
  •  Quality to supervise hygienists, assistants and receptionists

Job prospects

After completion MDS in Orthodontics, one can pursue higher studies. One can also attain his position as a practitioner in private clinic or as a professor in reputed dental college.  

MDS in Oral Surgery

MDS course with specialisation in Oral surgery is regarded as the top-most specialisation amongst dental aspirants. This three-year MDS in Oral Surgery program is concerned with the treatment, diagnosis and surgery for various oral and dental issues. This course also gives specialisation to operate mouth, gums, defects and other hard and soft tissues of the mouth.

Job Prospects

There is a huge demand of graduate of MDS in Oral surgery in research institutes, universities, colleges, and teaching institutes. Trained postgraduates from this specialisation can open their own private dental clinic. Some of the other job opportunities for MDS in Oral Surgery are Consultant Medical Representative, Dental Surgeon, etc. It would not be an exaggeration to say that MDS in Oral Surgery can open many doors of employment in dentistry.

MDS in Oral Medicine and Radiology

MDS in Oral Medicine and Radiology is one of the favourite specialisations amongst dental students. This course deals with treatment, radiographic examination and diagnosis of diseases related to the oral cavity.

Job Prospects

This course is much in demand internationally and can be very lucrative. After specialising in this course, one can avail opportunities in government as well as the private sector and educational institutes.

MDS in Conservative Dentistry and Endodontic

MDS course with a specialisation in Conservative Dentistry and Endodontic is a promising and prominent specialisation. It deals with preservation and restoration of the natural condition of teeth. This course is especially helpful to candidates who want to make a career in teaching, research and expert practice.

• Job Prospect

After completing this course successfully,  candidates are eligible for various job opportunities that include a senior lecturer, medical coordinator, dental surgeon, etc.  MDS in Conservative Dentistry and Endodontic may opt for higher studies like Ph.D.

MDS in Periodontics

MDS course with specialisation in Periodontics deals with the diseases related to supporting and investing structure of teeth. The treatment methods carried out by Periodontists are root planning and scaling.

Jobs prospects

Graduates can avail jobs in private and government dental institutes, multi speciality clinics, defence services and health care centres of different companies.

MDS in Oral and Maxillofacial surgery

MDS course with specialisation in Oral and Maxillofacial surgery facilitates students to treat diseases related to face, jaws and soft tissues of the mouth. It is a popular course in several foreign countries, especially the UK. 

• Job Prospects

This program prepares students to avail position as the practitioner and advisory consultants in private or public institutes. However, the majority of job opportunities for PG students with this specialisation are in Hospitals and Research Institutes. Surgeons can get the opportunity to be employed in the Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery department of reputed public and private institute.

MDS in Community Dentistry

MDS course with specialisation in Community Dentistry is related to prevention and control of dental diseases with the help of the organised community. This discipline is suitable for candidates who are capable of conducting oral health survey with the visions towards dental health promotion and solution. Candidates must have the multi-disciplinary approach to identifying oral health problems affecting the community.

• Job Prospects

MDS in Community Dentistry specialisation has great prospects in the government sector. After a certain stage, graduates from this specialisation can attain top position in government sector through involvement in the formulation of policies with the dental diseases.

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Srdc is the best dental college in Delhi NCR in aspects of study and practice. It has been also awarded as best private dental college in Asia 2016. But there are no co- curriculum activities in the college and the college environment is just like a school as there is very much strictness, uniform etc.

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Coming to such a reputed institute, I had heard a bit about how strict this college is and thus had fear when I was joining. Down the line I have realised that all that has been taught, expected of us, be it academics or behavior is what makes us different from others. The college has reputation for a reason, and to know why, one has to experience it. Regularity and punctuality is one thing that every student learns in 4 years. You are trained in such a way that each and every individual is high on confidence, have sound clinical experience, well trained and well behaved and can easily start a good clinical practice on their own. The way each individual is trained just makes him better as a person. The college has few shortcomings. Many facilities weren't available since college was under renovation but recently the college is equipped with nice library, advance dental chairs to work on and many more to come. Also the whole scenario is quite tough which brings it the best from all. The college is blessed with quite a number of patients and lesser number of doctors, so it's challenging to offer quality service in such scenario and that is what we are taught. Now that I have experienced all, I feel I was lucky enough to get Nair Dental.

Of Dentistry and Beyond- NHDC!

By Anonymous , 1 month, 1 week ago
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College years have been a life changing experience. Be it the joy of clinical postings, the anxiety during exams, the everyday mini challenges, the strife for perfection, the never ending deadlines or relief on having friends who waited back for help in your lab work. Each experience has helped us become better dentists and human beings. From the timid and lost first years who whined and worried, we graduated as strong, hardworking and independent individuals who are aware that there is always more to know. NHDC does not have a campus. It's a close knit community, where you end up knowing all your seniors, juniors, staff and vice versa. Four years of study followed by the most memorable of all, Internship. Internship not only allows you hone your dental skills but also let's you explore your leadership and organisation skills as you conduct various events as part of the Students' Association. When you're in college you are eager to get done but truth be told, once out you will always miss it!

Eligibility for MDS Programme

To pursue MDS course, one must possess BDS or Bachelor in Dental Surgery from a dental institution recognised by Dental Council of India with a minimum of 50% marks in aggregate. Candidates who have Post Graduate diploma in dentistry are also eligible to pursue this course with a duration of two years. Some colleges like Manipal College of Dental Science regard one-year internship program as an important factor for eligibility criteria of MDS course.

A candidate has to go through NEET-MDS or National Eligibility cum Entrance Test to get admission in a reputed college. The selection process is based on the merit of the candidate. NEET- MDS entrance test is the only gate through which a student can enter to pursue MDS course in government and private dental colleges in India. The minimum age limit for this course is 21 years. A candidate should be physically fit to undergo this program.

MDS Course Specialisations

With the rising number of dental institutes all over India, MDS specialisation can be a beneficial option. The aim of specialisation is to prepare graduate students to work in their specialised domain. There are a number of specialisations under MDS course. Some of the top most specialisations are mentioned below:

MDS in Orthodontics

MDS in Orthodontics or Master of Dental Surgery in Orthodontics is a 3-year postgraduate dentistry course that is related to study and treatment of Malocclusions. The meaning of Malocclusion is the improper positioning of teeth when jaws are closed.

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