Career as Night Club Singer

Early Salary

2 - 3 L

Mid Salary

10 - 12 L

Senior Salary

Above 25 L

Academic Pressure


Job Pressure


	Night Club Singer

A nightclub singer/ professional singer has many avenues to showcase his or her talent.

What do they do?

Apart from F&B outlets, such as restaurants and pubs, corporates also hire live-music acts for private parties and promotional events. Rich patrons may also enlist the services of a singer along with a two-to-four piece band. Radio and television commercials also offer lucrative opportunities for performing artistes. As a singer, you have to be very good at your work. It also helps if you have good networking skills, because that’s how you get to know of potential gigs and other opportunities. You must have a good team to work with, a fantastic band and a manager who believes in you. And you must have the tenacity and the will to succeed.

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Skills Needed

  • A great voice. Make an effort to understand the range of your voice
  • Ability to network effectively
  • A strict sense of discipline, especially with performances and recordings
  • Being street smart helps
  • Disciplined about taking care of voice and health
  • Good inter-personal skills
  • Passion for singing and making music
  • A good and pleasing personality would work to your advantage

How do I get there?

While no training is mandatory, it does help to train your voice from a young age. Take part in school- and college-level competitions. You can also take singing up as a hobby and later choose to train under professionals. While reality TV shows seem to offer an path to success, most singers will not vouch for the efficacy of the claims of producers of such shows. Several music schools offer courses for vocalists.

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