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Early Salary

6 - 7 L

Mid Salary

12 - 14 L

Senior Salary

Above 25 L

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Job Pressure


	Party Planner

Party planners make arrangements for parties, mostly private on occasions such as Diwali, Christmas or birthdays, for their clients. They arrange for the venue, organise the decor and buy props to match the theme and invite celebrities, if any, to the party.

What do they do?

Party in progress’, ‘Wild Girls’, and ‘Bachelorette Zone’, ‘Never trust a man who doesn’t drink,’ shriek the posters in Rittika Sareen’s studios. From selling party props to coordinating with celebrity agents, Sareen ensures rocking parties for her clients.

“When I partied as a teenager, I used to feel the need for planners who could offer all essentials for a party under one roof. Later I went to study design in London and after returning exploited my creative abilities to make props and décor for party venues,” says Sareen, a BA in interior design from London’s University of Arts.

While conceptualising props, Sareen lets her creative juices flow and designs ‘appealing and novel’ products. From playing card and beer glass holders to T-shirts and posters, everything has to be unique. “Every host wants props that have not been seen elsewhere. They (the props) should not lie unnoticed in one corner of a room. So, I conceive quirky designs and concepts which draw eyeballs,” she says. Once a prop is designed, she reaches out to socially hyperactive friends for feedback.

Sareen has a number of products designed to offer her clients — so they have a choice while planning a party. Not many planners, however, do this. Planner Nishant gets them customised to clients’ needs. “Some people come up with very offbeat themes, for which props or costumes aren’t available in the market. In such cases, we have to get them made,” he says.

At times, strange requests can leave a planner foxed. Planner Sahiba Singh was once requested to work on the theme of the Salman Khan-starrer Partner and had to convince the client to change his mind. Rejecting requests, however, is not the norm. She has organised parties on themes such as magic, the lotus flower, the Victorian era, and even candles.

Sareen’s clients are as diverse as her props. “I get to meet university students, doctors, lawyers, businessmen and corporate executives of all age groups. When I entered the profession, I used to think that my clients would only be young people,” says Sareen.

Living upto clients’ high expectations is no mean task. Nishant, who has been in the business for around a decade, says, “the client wants the best deal in the lowest budget possible. Even after you make certain commitments to the client, s/he often goes overboard with his/her demands,” he says.

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Skills Needed

.   Creativity is imperative
.   You must have a passion for parties. Only a good party person can become a good party planner
.   Being able to understand human behaviour gives you an edge
.   Good administrative skills as you have to deal with several people from clients to vendors and clinch the best deals 
.   Honesty and dedication to the job and ability to stick to commitments as the clients’ reputation depends on their parties/events

How do I get there?

You must be creative and an avid party person before you even think of becoming a party planner. You can do a course in event management to become a professional. In case you want to enter the creative side of this profession, you can also study product or interior design. Before setting up an office, planners must have wide network of party-goers who can be their potential clients .

.  Work is extremely exciting 
.  Money is good especially during the festive or wedding season
.  Can move from party planning  to event management, which can accelerate one’s professional growth
.  It gets gruelling at times to handle demanding clients

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