Early Salary

1 - 2 L

Mid Salary

3 - 4 L

Senior Salary

3 - 4 L

Academic Pressure


Job Pressure


Public relations is defined as the art of communication. For an individual, it means highlighting his/her qualities and achievements and making the right contacts to further his/her career.

What do they do?

For a company, it means positioning itself right in the market, establishing a relationship with the media, building goodwill and remaining in the news through events/activities. A PR professional is expected to know the most effective and concise ways to achieve these goals. With increased competition in almost all sectors, the challenge is to make one’s message distinct from everyone else’s.

Skills Needed

  • A natural inclination to mix with people
  • Good grooming and language skills
  • Drive to excel in the field and stay updated on current events 
  • Patience and perseverance, as rewards will not be instant
  • A talent for picking up arty ideas, software application

How do I get there?

Several institutes offer courses in public relations. Five colleges under Delhi University offer BA (Hons) in journalism that has a paper on public relations and advertisement.

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