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Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur
Kharagpur , West Bengal

Rating 5.00/5

Established in 1951

Bachelor of Technology (Ocean Engineering & Naval Architecture),

International Maritime Institute
Greater Noida , Delhi NCR

Rating 5.00/5

Established in 1992

Bachelor of Technology (Marine Engineering),

AMET University
Chennai , Tamil Nadu

Rating 3.00/5

Established in 1993

Bachelor of Engineering (Marine Engineering), 3 - 4 Years

Department of Biotechnology, AMET University
Tamil Nadu - Other , Tamil Nadu

Rating 3.00/5

Doctor of Philosophy in Marine Biotechnology, 1 - 2 Years

Department of Marine Engineering, AMET University
Tamil Nadu - Other , Tamil Nadu

Rating 3.00/5

Bachelor of Engineering (Marine Engineering), 2 - 3 Years

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