Career as Supply Chain Manager

Early Salary

Under 50 K

Mid Salary

50 K - 1 L

Senior Salary

3 - 4 L

Academic Pressure


Job Pressure


	Supply Chain Management, Operations, MBA

Supply Chain Management (SCM) is an integrated approach that focuses on the management of goods from the production to the consumption process. It includes activities such as storage and inventory management, transportation management, channel management, customer service management etc.

The area of SCM is of utmost concern to the organizations in today’s world because it helps them to coordinate in a better way with the suppliers and the consumers.

The field is challenging and requires one to adopt a cross-functional approach. It relies heavily on the fundamentals of management apart from excellent communication skills.

What do they do?

Let’s look at the functions that a supply chain manager performs:


1. Inventory Management- This area is concerned with how much amount of inventory to hold. Some goods have fluctuations in demand, so the organization must know how much amount of inventory to hold.


2. Channel Management- The success of a product depends on selecting the right channel so that it reaches its target market. A Supply manager should select the right channel keeping in mind, the nature of the product.


3. Supplier Management- This is the core area for a supply manager. Suppliers are the backbone of an organization, so they must be managed in a proper manner.


4. Customer Relationship Management- This area relates to building relationships with the consumer in such a way that it is beneficial for the organization. Consumer retaining is a big challenge to work upon.

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Skills Needed

Analytical Skills

Understanding of the Business Model


How do I get there?

A Master’s degree/diploma is required in Supply Chain or Logistics Management or a MBA in General Management. Few Ccolleges that offer Master’s level courses are:


1. IIM Calcutta (Advanced Program in Supply chain Management)
2. Institute for Supply Management, India
3. Symbiosis centre for Distance learning
4. The School of Business Logistics, Chennai
5. Amity School of Distance Learning
6. All MBA Colleges

Typical day in the life of a Supply Chain Manager

A normal day in the life of a Manager undertaking the supply chain could be varied depending on the stage of production. 

It could also depend on seasonality. As there are few products which depend on the season. The work could be more hectic during the peak seasons.

The Supply Chain Manager has a usual corporate life depending on the Industry and product cycle.

Pros & Cons about this career

• The nature of the job is very diversified; you tend to meet people from different backgrounds. • Important area within the organization.

• Challenging job, one has to be always on his toes. • Knowledge of many disciplines is required along with rich experience.

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