Career as Yoga Instructor

Early Salary

2 - 3 L

Mid Salary

5 - 6 L

Senior Salary

10 - 12 L

Academic Pressure


Job Pressure


	Yoga Instructor

Medical science has acknowledged the curative powers of yoga. Tough times such as now are leading to unprecedented increase in stress levels, so yoga schools are doing well. This is probably why the demand for qualified yoga therapists is rising and courses are being offered to meet the demand. Many yoga institutions operate across the country, offering various courses and degrees in yoga therapy.


What do they do?

The job of a yoga instructor is to teach people various yoga postures (positions), controlled breathing, meditation and visualisation. As an instructor, your responsibility is to increases fitness and wellbeing of your clients by creating balance in their mind and body through yoga.

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Skills Needed

.   A genuine interest in the profession
.   Professional training from a good institute
.   Strong will-power
.   Good stamina
.   Knowledge of correct techniques, etc
.   Passion for yoga and interest in knowing more about it
.   Belief in the curative power of yoga
.  A flexible body

How do I get there?

Professional training is mandatory for yoga instructors. You can take up a course after completing class X or XII, or even start earlier. But doing a proper training programme from a good institute is essential, as a yoga instructor cannot afford to not be good at his/her job.

Typical day in the life of a Yoga Instructor

5am: Get up
6am: Start classes
12.30pm: Finish classes
12.30-1pm: Lunch
1.30pm: Take a power nap
4pm: Go for classes
By 6pm: Over with classes
6-9pm: Do pranayam; go for temple visits, etc
11-11.30pm: Retire to bed

Pros & Cons about this career

. Less work pressure . Flexible working hours if you are a freelancer . You can keep fit and earn at the same time . You get tremendous satisfaction by helping others gain a healthy lifestyle
. Fluctuating income . As it is completely physical work, it can get tiring and strenuous if proper care is not taken . Mistakes can be harmful for the client’s health and well-being

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